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Med school debt becomes budgeting burden for primary care

At this point, about 20% of medical students have debt over $200,000. ... I think that the real place to start is not necessarily in those that are out there and earning, but to align from the GME [graduate medical education].
July 2011

An ode to Osler

Third, beginning at age 50, I was privileged to bear responsibility for the education of medical students and also residents in internal medicine, and I aspired during my eight years as ... Q: What would Osler think of ACP's efforts in medical education
November 2019

Is it time to forgo the handshake?

Green, MD, FACP, associate dean for medical education and competency achievement at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. ... One way to improve compliance with hand hygiene among health care professionals is to indoctrinate
March 2015

Officers and Regents election results announced

Certification: Internal medicine, 1982. Present positions: Professor of Medicine, Vice Chair for Education, Department of Medicine; Designated Institutional Official Fletcher Allen Health Care and Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, UVM
March 2015

I am not a doctor

You're in medical school, right?". I stopped in my tracks and turned my attention toward him. ... But never did I imagine that as a first year medical student, an acquaintance would turn to me for advice.
July 2020

A death well spent

Thus they all progress more or less gradually in the direction of what was once called chronic bronchitis and emphysema before I entered medical school. ... Shortly before my medical education began, someone decided that "COPD" was a better
July 2020

Words of affirmation

medical blog nod in the doggone Oprah Magazine. ... Kimberly Manning, MD, FACP, FAAP is an associate professor of medicine at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia where she teaches medical students and residents at Grady Hospital.
July 2020

Drinking and doctoring

Despite the findings, study authors were pretty moderate in their recommended actions: "Medical schools should consider.discouraging excessive drinking," they concluded.
July 2020

The value of schema

As a medical educator, developing such schema help us teach and give a structure for the learners to remember how to diagnose a particular problem. ... Bob and da boss. He is an academic general internist at the University of Alabama School of Medicine,
July 2020

A subspecialty in decline?

As funds for graduate medical education become increasingly scarce, some of these programs will likely reduce the number of training positions they offer, or shut down altogether.
July 2020

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