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Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

2019 Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) changes flu, hepatitis A and B vaccination advice for adults. ... The 2019 immunization schedule, published by Annals of Internal Medicine and on the CDC website on Feb.
March 2019

Examining the annual exam

More robust evidence and stronger expert opinion favor blood pressure monitoring, cholesterol monitoring, various cancer screening, and certain immunizations.
October 2019

Chaos in theory is chaos in practice, as well

Step 11: Once insurance coverage of the immunization is determined, several possibilities exist:. ... The immunization is covered and so is taken from regular stock and administered to patient.
October 2019

Follow the changes to Medicare coding edits for early 2009

Another example might be a “per day” immunization, such as 90465 Immunization administration younger than 8 years of age (includes percutaneous, intradermal, subcutaneous, or intramuscular injections) when the physician counsels the
February 2009

Measles: Back to the future of public health

But this problem may be epitomized by immunization. When an immunization campaign works, a disease can literally disappear, as smallpox has. ... And, of course, immunization resulted in the one case of intentional extinction in history: the eradication
October 2019

QD: News Every Day--HPV rates fall in post-vaccine era despite low inoculation rates

HPV vaccination using the quadrivalent vaccine (HPV-6, -11, -16, and -18) was introduced into the routine immunization schedule in the United States in late 2006 for girls ages 11 or
October 2019

Government dysfunction: It's enough to make a grown man cry

visits and immunizations provided to Medicaid enrollees.
October 2014

QD: News Every Day--Mandatory flu vaccines do not lead to mass resignations

Near-universal flu immunization is achievable and sustainable with a mandatory vaccination policy," Dr. ... Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology has published a position paper with recommendations and rationale for
October 2019

All together now: Office teamwork

and reviewed for topics such as patients who need catch up immunizations and preventative screenings.
February 2009

Autism, and Pandora's box

Yes, I am going to talk about autism. The last time I did so I was inundated with people trying to convince me of the dangers of immunizations and their causal
October 2019

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