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Start-up practice uses ACP's marketing guides for quick growth

Saltzman kept her first year's expenses down by doing some things herself, such as drawing patients' blood samples, giving immunizations and billing.
April 2010

New info on common outpatient infections

During the meeting, the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended that everyone age 60 or older be vaccinated against the disease, unless contraindicated. ... The immunization cost me a fortune. I don't know how other people
July 2008

Summit covers myths and evidence of competing with clinics

to get needed immunizations and screenings, Dr. ... respiratory problems, conjunctivitis, etc.), immunizations, and basic lab tests.
May 2010

Alcohol treatment may be shifting to primary care

The first, a Perspective from leading immunization experts, outlines physicians' responsibilities to increase vaccination rates in their practices, as well as ways that ACP's I Raise the Rates campaign can
October 2015

Handling MACRA's advancing care information component

Examples of performance score measures are secure messaging, patient-specific education, immunization registry reporting, and patient-generated health data.
January 2017

Letters to the Editor

s problem list, medication list, immunization records and advance directives.
May 2008

Enough flu-ing around!

The strongest argument against immunization is that it represents science interfering with a natural, native balance. ... Immunization does not cause autism. The flu vaccine is far from perfect.
October 2019

Well visits not just for kids anymore

Diabetes: fasting blood glucose twice a year for high-risk patients. Immunizations: influenza annually, a hepatitis B series for high-risk patients, pneumococcus once, and shingles once (but paid under Part
June 2011

If they don't give you the flu...

The CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has determined that four, rather than five, rabies shots are enough to protect an exposed human, according to an AP report.
October 2019

ACP's international presence promotes better clinical care

Two of my talks to international members are an immunization update and an update on cancer screening guidelines for 2016-2017.
February 2017

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