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Measles in the Magic Kingdom? It's a small world, after all

Immunization is one of the great achievements in medical history, eradicating smallpox, and banishing polio from much of the globe. ... Immunizations are neglected at our peril. We have an unnecessary epidemic radiating out from its origins in the Magic
July 2020

What is a "complete" physical?

And of the last three doctors I went to, I realized they didn't bring up my immunization records. ... Determination of the patient's immunization status is also part and parcel of the history portion of a preventive visit.
July 2020

Adult immunization rates fall far short of goals

We don't have the same commitment to a comprehensive adult immunization program. ... Beyond that, both patients and providers, including internists I'm afraid, can use more education and familiarity with adult immunizations and the adult immunization
April 2011

Hints for preventive care in inflammatory bowel disease | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

That mnemonic, which stands for Immunizations, Bones, Dysplasia and Depression, Hepatobiliary, Infections, Nutrition, Tobacco, and Skin cancer, can help clinicians remember what to look for when they see a patient with
April 2019

Facing the Future

Family Physician: So you are hiring a homeopath? Internist: No, they wouldn't set foot in our office because of the "evil" immunizations we use.
July 2020

Vaccinations, measles outbreak and reasonable and civil discourse

With a UNICEF backed measles immunization strategy, measles infections and deaths were reduced by 74% by the year 2010. ... In the first 18 months of life the Centers for Disease Control recommends that a child receive about 24 immunizations, if I am
July 2020

Chaos in theory is chaos in practice, as well

Step 11: Once insurance coverage of the immunization is determined, several possibilities exist:. ... The immunization is covered and so is taken from regular stock and administered to patient.
July 2020

HPV vaccine impacts disease, screening

Dearinger said, adding that state-based immunization registries vary but can also be helpful. ... I think that increasing our ability to keep track of immunizations is going to be really, really important,” she said.
February 2017

HPV vaccine efficacy increases, but use lags

Human papillomavirus immunization rates continue, for several reasons, to lag behind those of other vaccines. ... had 79.3% coverage that year, according to the National Immunization Survey for teens.
February 2016

Internists interacting with retail clinics

As health care becomes more patient-focused, patients now have more options than ever for simple maladies and immunizations. ... Access and immediacy for fevers and simple aches and pains, or services such as immunizations, drive patients to seek care at
February 2016

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