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Uptake of herpes zoster vaccine linked to supply

an internist in Middletown, Del., and former Chair of ACP's Immunization Technical Advisory Committee. ... FACP, a consultant for the Immunization Action Coalition who served as past director of adult immunization at the CDC until retiring two years ago.
October 2019

Preventing shingles

Many health insurance plans, including Medicare Part D and private insurers, cover the immunization after (but not before) age 60.
October 2019

Keep up with vaccine recommendations

Meanwhile, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) has also updated recommendations for existing vaccines against pertussis and hepatitis B. ... Poland, professor of medicine and infectious diseases at Rochester's Mayo Clinic in Minnesota
September 2013

Expensive vaccines may wipe out wrong target—the doctor

Or a practice might find other avenues, such as health departments, to give immunizations. ... a rash, there is no reason you can't give them an immunization, unless they have a high temperature.
April 2009

Building the medical home starts in school

Recently added content in the tool includes modules on managing patient medication and engaging patients, with additional modules on chronic pain management, adult immunization, and diabetes mellitus coming soon.
November 2011

Ask the question to find sexual dysfunction

Two articles focus on the vital issue of immunization, one broadly, one more specifically. ... How do you handle cancer screening? What challenges do you face with immunization in your practice?
October 2019

HPV vaccine efficacy increases, but use lags

Human papillomavirus immunization rates continue, for several reasons, to lag behind those of other vaccines. ... had 79.3% coverage that year, according to the National Immunization Survey for teens.
February 2016

What's new in other College publications

CDC immunization guidelines. In the Clinic. Cellulitis and Soft-Tissue Infections. MKSAP.
January 2009

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

ACP's new online immunization resource hub includes the latest vaccine recommendations, a practice assessment survey, patient education resources, and more. ... The hub is part of ACP's I Raise the Rates initiative to help physicians and their teams
February 2019

Facing the Future

Family Physician: So you are hiring a homeopath? Internist: No, they wouldn't set foot in our office because of the "evil" immunizations we use.
October 2019

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