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MKSAP: Vision loss in one eye

She has hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and chronic open-angle glaucoma. Current medications are ramipril, hydrochlorothiazide, atorvastatin, aspirin, and timolol ophthalmic solution. ... Risk factors include atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus,
July 2010

MKSAP Quiz: New-onset cloudy vision

CRVO is most commonly encountered in older patients with hypertension and atherosclerotic vascular disease.
May 2015

MKSAP Quiz: Assessment of exertional dyspnea

Mitral valve regurgitation may cause secondary pulmonary hypertension, but an ejection click and a loud early systolic murmur would not be expected with mitral valve regurgitation, even in the presence of ... pulmonary hypertension.
October 2010

MS confounds, calls for better coordination

Rudick said. “The reason that the internist treats hypertension is not that hypertension is causing problems right then and there for the patient.”. ... Diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol makes MS worse, and these patients need wellness and
September 2009

FDA approves heart failure drug, looks into antiseptic safety

The most common side effects were bradycardia, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, and temporary vision disturbance.
July 2015

Incontinence can hide in middle age

atrophic urethritis,. pharmaceuticals, including some of the drugs prescribed for hypertension (such as an alpha-blocker, which impairs contraction of the urethral sphincter) or ones that cause grogginess and over-medication
February 2015

An easy screen for an overlooked disease

hypertension and diabetes.
April 2011

Targeting glycemic control in the elderly

It's not just glycemic control. If you look at the new cholesterol guidelines, if you look at the new hypertension guidelines, [prostate-specific antigen] screening, there's been a lot
October 2014

Internists healing tsunami's aftereffects

Dr. Tsubokura, who treated patients at an evacuation center and hospitals upon his arrival, said many of those staying there suffered from symptoms related to chronic disease, such as hypertension, asthma,
September 2011

Medicine and management: hits from Hospital Medicine

Chronic hypertension doesn't need to be treated until the diastolic blood pressure goes above 105 mm Hg. ... Methyldopa is the drug of choice for hypertension; avoid ACE inhibitors and ARBs, because they can lead to renal agenesis and fetal death.
July 2009

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