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First drug approved for tardive dyskinesia

Serious risks of the orphan drug, which received fast-track designation and priority review, include hypertension, hypertensive crisis, myelodysplastic syndrome, acute myeloid leukemia, and bone marrow suppression.
June 2017

Doripenem not for pneumonia; migraine device approved

The drug carries a boxed warning about the risk of supine hypertension. ... The most common adverse events were headache, dizziness, nausea, hypertension, and fatigue.
May 2014

Climate change and clinical practice

hypertension. Although some may debate the potential causes of climate change, its effects have undeniably been felt worldwide, and it will most likely continue to play a role in health and ... Physicians should also consider whether white-coat
September 2016

Improving rural health takes effort, energy

The results showed an increase of 24.7% in hypertension control from 1975 to 1978, an increase of 28.5% in cholesterol control from 1986 to 2010, and an increase from ... While the researchers are still crunching the numbers, the program appears to have
September 2015

Sham good!

The trial, SIMPLICITY-HTN3, was designed to test the efficacy of renal artery denervation by radiofrequency ablation in the treatment of medication resistant hypertension.
November 2020

MKSAP Quiz: Recent onset of fatigue and muscle weakness

This patient most likely has new-onset type 2 diabetes mellitus (recent-onset polyuria and nocturia, high random glucose levels) and classic features of excess mineralocorticoid activity, including hypertension, metabolic alkalosis, ... Adrenal adenomas
February 2014

New drugs approved for hypertension, lupus and COPD

Azilsartan medoxomil (Edarbi) tablets, a new angiotensin II receptor blocker to treat hypertension in adults.
May 2011

Searching for signs of eating disorders

Those who abuse appetite suppressants may develop hypertension or anxiety, while those who abuse laxatives or diuretics may develop electrolyte abnormalities, abnormal gut motility, and secondary kidney failure. ... For patients who gain extreme amounts
February 2013

Taking a drink: what patients should know

Heavy drinking imposes significant risks for osteoporosis, many types of cancer, liver disease, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, stroke and multiple social and behavioral problems. ... In addition, other conditions should prompt a discussion about the
January 2013

Project ECHO expands the reach of primary care

George L. Bakris, FACP, (top middle panel) leads case discussions with primary care clinicians via teleconferencing regarding management of uncontrolled hypertension. ... The University of Chicago, meanwhile, began applying Project ECHO in 2010 to an
September 2011

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