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MKSAP Quiz: 5-day history of leg pain and swelling

A 52-year-old man is evaluated in the emergency department for a 5-day history of right leg pain and swelling. He has never had a previous episode of venous thromboembolism.
21 May 2013

MKSAP Quiz: Management after a routine exam

A 35-year-old woman undergoes routine evaluation. She has no current medical problems or history of bleeding symptoms. Her medical history is significant only for iron deficiency 3 years ago that was thought to be diet related. She takes only oral contraceptive pills. A peripheral blood smear is shown. Following a physical exam and lab results, what is the most appropriate management?.
1 Apr 2013

MKSAP Quiz: diagnosing hematologic abnormalities

This week's quiz asks readers to determine appropriate diagnostic testing for a 26-year-old woman admitted to the hospital with deep venous thrombosis.
15 Nov 2011

MKSAP Quiz: 6-month history of increased fatigue and decreased exercise tolerance

A 51-year-old man is evaluated for a 6-month history of increased fatigue and decreased exercise tolerance. He is otherwise well with no significant medical history. Following a physical exam and right hemicolectomy, what is the most appropriate management?
13 Aug 2013

MKSAP case study: menorrhagia

A MKSAP case study of menorrhagia marks the return of this popular feature to ACP Internist.
1 Sep 2008

What's new in ACP Hospitalist

What's new in ACP Hospitalist and other College publications, including a review of the impact of ICU glucose control for critically ill patients and the highly anticipated launch of MKSAP 15.
1 Jul 2009

MKSAP Quiz: Follow up of advanced multiple myeloma

A 50-year-old woman with advanced multiple myeloma diagnosed 6 months ago undergoes a follow-up visit. Treatment includes daily oral thalidomide and pulse dexamethasone. What treatment will optimize disease-free and overall survival?
7 Jun 2011

MKSAP Quiz: 3-month history of increasing fatigue

This week's quiz asks readers to evaluate a 78-year-old woman with a 3-month history of increasing fatigue.
10 Apr 2012

MKSAP Quiz: bleeding gums and petechiae

Less microalbuminuria but more CV deaths with olmesartan Chlorthalidone appears better than hydrochlorothiazide for high-risk patients with hypertension
15 Mar 2011

Warnings on insomnia meds, pacemaker battery depletion

This column reviews details on recent recalls, warnings, and approvals.
1 Jul 2019

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