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MKSAP Quiz: Establish care visit for pediatric cancer survivor

A 28-year-old woman is seen to establish care. Medical history is significant for acute lymphoblastic leukemia diagnosed and treated at age 5 years; she has been leukemia free since completion of therapy. Following a physical exam and cervical cancer screening, what is the most appropriate additional survivorship assessment to perform next?
22 Feb 2022

Start with bloodwork to diagnose anemia

Anemia is fairly common, but its many etiologies complicate diagnosis. It affects more than one in five black and Hispanic people, one in 10 seniors and one in five of those over the age of 85. Learn how to fine-tune the diagnosis to best help patients.
1 Mar 2013

MKSAP Quiz: INR management

A 61-year-old woman undergoes routine evaluation. She reports no recent changes in her medications. She has a history of idiopathic deep venous thrombosis. Her only medication is warfarin, initiated 2 months ago. Following a physical exam and international normalized ratio (INR) measurement of 7.2, what is the most appropriate management?
28 Jul 2020

The search for answers is in his blood (and yours)

Joel Moake, FACP, explains his four-decades-long pursuit of new information in the field of hemostasis/thrombosis, and what attracted him to internal medicine.
1 Jul 2009

MKSAP Quiz: 7-year history of plaques

A 48-year-old man is evaluated for a 7-year history of spreading plaques associated with dry, itchy skin. He has no other significant medical history and takes no medications. Following a physical exam and chest radiograph, what is the most appropriate management?.
1 Jan 2016

ACP releases Spanish-language edition of MKSAP 18

The Spanish-language version will help Latin American and Spanish internists, subspecialists, and primary care physicians upgrade their knowledge and prepare for board certification.
17 Dec 2019

MKSAP Quiz: 3-week history of progressive fatigue

A 28-year-old previously healthy woman is evaluated in the hospital for a 3-week history of progressive fatigue, dyspnea with exertion, and easy bruisability. What is the most likely diagnosis?.
1 Jun 2015

MKSAP Quiz: Prenatal evaluation and sickle cell disease

A 22-year-old woman is seen for a routine prenatal evaluation; she is 10 weeks pregnant. This is her second pregnancy; the first pregnancy was uncomplicated. Medical history is notable for sickle cell disease requiring one to two hospitalizations per year for painful events. Following a physical exam, cardiac exam, and lab studies, what is the most appropriate treatment?
4 May 2020

MKSAP Quiz: Perioperative evaluation for hip arthroplasty

A 52-year-old woman undergoes perioperative evaluation. She has osteoarthritis of the right hip since sustaining injuries in a motor vehicle accident 15 years ago and is scheduled for elective hip arthroplasty in the next few months. Following a physical exam and lab studies, what is the most appropriate test to perform next?
11 Feb 2020

MKSAP Quiz: Diabetic ketoacidosis

Based upon a physical exam and lab results, what is the most likely diagnosis?.
1 Sep 2011

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