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Points to consider in palliative care

In this case, heart failure treatment may be life-prolonging, may be disease-modifying, but it's also going to control symptoms, which is both palliative and therapeutic,” she said. ... Start using fans for non-hypoxic dyspnea. In addition to managing
July 2018

Tool simplifies quality measure reporting

For instance, common measures for internal medicine relate to diabetes or congestive heart failure management or preventive care.
January 2013


More attention is paid to those with chronic conditions like heart failure, diabetes, or emphysema.
November 2021

New guidance urges caution on testosterone

Amory. If caught early, appropriate treatment can be initiated to protect patients from progressing to conditions like cirrhosis or heart failure.
May 2020

Anticoagulant choice for stroke won't be easy for some time

CHADS2 stands for the risk factors of Congestive heart failure, Hypertension, Age >75 years, Diabetes mellitus, and prior Stroke or transient ischemic attack; the “VASc” adds vascular disease history and sex.).
October 2013

New drugs could improve anticoagulation rates

They also shouldn't have congestive heart failure, which can interfere with the metabolism of warfarin, he added. ... Moreover, the new drugs haven't been studied in patients with mechanical heart valves.
April 2012

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

ACC pathway supports neprilysin inhibitor, SGLT-2 inhibitors for heart failure with reduced ejection fraction. ... figures for treatment of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction.
March 2021

Does ACA coverage really make a difference?

Adults are more likely to die from trauma or other serious acute conditions, such as heart attacks or strokes;. ... Adults with cancer, cardiovascular disease (including hypertension, coronary heart disease, and congestive heart failure), stroke,
March 2015

Solving mysterious chronic cough cases

You're not thinking about congestive heart failure.” An internist can be less suspicious of chronic lung disease if the patient doesn't smoke and can be less suspicious of allergy
July 2018

Cancer, cardiovascular risks assessed at rheumatology meeting

Those RA patients who do have a heart attack also fare worse afterwards than other patients. ... They are at higher risk of dying or developing heart failure after the heart attack, an analysis of 38 patients found.
January 2009

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