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Doctors don't have to dread discussing dieting

Both drugs come with recommendations to monitor for changes in mood and symptoms of congestive heart failure, and the Belviq label additionally suggests complete blood counts, because leukopenia and anemia have
November 2012

Updates to Medicare program change telehealth codes, PQRS

congestive heart failure. Future refinements to the physician feedback reports include:.
February 2012

Patients find medical home in Pennsylvania

In 2007, Pennsylvanians spent almost $4 billion on potentially avoidable hospital charges for just four chronic diseases—asthma, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and congestive heart failure,” said Phil Magistro, who
April 2009

It's just old age—or is it? Don't be guided by stereotypes

On physical exam, she had normal vital signs, including O2 saturation, no evidence of congestive heart failure, lymphadenopathy, abdominal masses or edema.
May 2009

New options no panacea for depression

or four heart failure, or hypertension greater than 140/90 mm Hg. ... Common side effects like gastrointestinal problems, headache, weight gain, heart rhythm abnormalities, and insomnia can occur in the first few weeks, while benefits may not be felt
September 2019

Solving mysterious chronic cough cases

You're not thinking about congestive heart failure.” An internist can be less suspicious of chronic lung disease if the patient doesn't smoke and can be less suspicious of allergy
July 2018

Expert gives advice on perioperative medication management

they have heart failure or coronary artery disease, or unless their blood pressure is uncontrolled.”. ... There isn't any evidence that continuing ACE inhibitors adversely affects rates of heart attack or death, but many clinicians are stopping them,
June 2014

Psoriasis symptoms can be tough to address

disease, chronic kidney disease, heart attack and peripheral vascular disease. ... as heart failure or multiple sclerosis that could be worsened by therapy.
February 2014

FDA updates boxed warnings for rosiglitazone, other drugs

In August, the entire class of thiazolidinediones added boxed warnings saying the drugs may cause or worsen heart failure. ... Medical professionals should monitor patients for 30 minutes after infusion, and shouldn't use the drugs in patients with
January 2008

The high cost of high cost

Treat blood pressure? Not worth it. Treat congestive heart failure? I guess I can fork out the money.
January 2020

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