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What economic theory can teach us about retail clinics

For example, patients who are newly diagnosed with chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart failure invariably require long-term follow-up with multidisciplinary teams that comprise physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and
June 2016

Shifting standards for hypertension

many exclusions: prior stroke, end-stage kidney disease, a prior cardiovascular procedure, and symptomatic heart failure within the last 6 months, among others. ... While the payoff in terms of reduced heart failure and cardiovascular death was clear-cut,
March 2016

Retail clinics increasingly popular option

This issue covers topics such as retail clinics, management of heart failure, and optimizing human papillomavirus vaccination. ... Managing heart failure is a complicated clinical area that is only likely to get bigger as the number of patients with the
February 2016

Smallest practices successfully preventing readmissions

It is possible that small practices will be able to share resources, like nurse care managers for patients with congestive heart failure, for example, that no one small practice could afford
March 2015

Advance directives are the beginning of care, not the end

One hundred eighty-nine patients were studied over a two-year period; these patients had diagnoses typically seen at the end of life, including congestive heart failure, cancer and chronic obstructive ... resounding failure.”.
July 2012

HIV comes of age as disease of mid-to-late life

HIV. Eric Christoff, MD, ACP Member, alerts his medical school students that HIV must be considered an inherent risk factor for heart disease. ... It's unclear, if a patient develops kidney or heart failure or dementia, “Were you prone to have that
November 2011

An easy screen for an overlooked disease

It also significantly increases the risk of dying from coronary heart disease and other thrombotic systemic events. ... It is more common than heart failure and in many ways looks and behaves like atherosclerosis in the coronaries, carotids and other
April 2011

Letters to the Editor

I saw many older patients with hypertension, diabetes, cerebral vascular accidents and rheumatic heart disease. ... Congestive heart failure and mitral valve disease were very common. In three years, I saw only three cases of atrial fibrillation of
February 2010

Palliative care's place outside cancer

Hutchinson said, while, for example, in advanced heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diuretics and bronchodilators are consistent with comfort. ... In heart failure and COPD, it is rare that stopping disease-modifying
June 2019

Taking a drink: what patients should know

lower risk of not only SCD but also coronary heart disease (CHD), stroke and congestive heart failure. ... Eur Heart J. 2012;33:1598-605. [PMID: 22453658]. Ronksley PE, Brien SE, Turner BJ, Mukamal KJ, Ghali WA.
January 2013

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