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Rapid demise

Prognosis is much more challenging for patients in the end stages of chronic diseases like congestive heart failure, emphysema and dementia, which is the condition that Anderson was reported to have.
May 2021

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

ACP launches online, interactive heart failure guide for patients. “Heart Failure, What You Need to Know” is now available in English and Spanish, featuring an interactive platform and including printable materials,
September 2018

Cheney's got heart

Let's assume for the moment that obtaining a heart isn't a problem. ... Tissue-typing to the recipient remains a challenge for all patients with severe heart failure.
May 2021

For your health, generalists have great lasting value

But all chest pain does not come from the heart; all shortness of breath is not a lung problem; all abdominal pain does not require surgery. ... One generalist generally trumps 3 specialists. Let us assume you have heart failure, COPD, CKD stage 3, type
May 2021

New drugs could improve anticoagulation rates

They also shouldn't have congestive heart failure, which can interfere with the metabolism of warfarin, he added. ... Moreover, the new drugs haven't been studied in patients with mechanical heart valves.
April 2012

Managing HIV with testing, prevention

Spivak. “Patients may be taking several other types of medications to treat conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and neurocognitive disorders.”. ... Compared with the general population, people living with HIV have significantly higher rates of
March 2020

Subclinical hypothyroidism prompts personalized decisions

Most of the potential harms that we worry about with untreated subclinical hypothyroidism are more common in the elderly, such as heart failure and myocardial infarction.
February 2021

Medical News of the Obvious

Medical News of the Obvious. Two of this week's highlights are best described by their headlines: "Study Finds Fish Won't Prevent Heart Failure" and "Eating in America Still Unhealthy:
May 2021

Power to the patient! (with your encouragement)

Next comes a sub-study of yesterday's HF-Action study on exercise and heart failure (see earlier post for main study). ... Quality of life is important in heart failure patients, because HF is a chronic, incurable disease, discussant Anne Taylor, MD said.
May 2021

Top 10 afib pearls manage cardiology's ‘bread and butter’

noted. It's more common in patients with hypertension, heart failure, valvular heart disease, and sleep apnea. ... Those who have heart failure and atrial fibrillation together can be affected by what Dr.
June 2015

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