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Help elderly patients catch their zzz's

Common medical problems hinder sleep in other ways: “nocturnal dyspnea in heart failure; pain from arthritis, which is so common in this population; psychiatric disorders; and medications that cause sleepiness,” she
January 2021

Improving rural health takes effort, energy

Although he was on medication, an 80-year-old patient was being hospitalized every 2 to 3 months for congestive heart failure. ... Only once he began seeing a prevention nurse in a special heart failure clinic every week did his condition improve.
September 2015

Learn to see signs of an often fatal disease

None of the symptoms of pulmonary hypertension are specific until somebody has right heart failure, and that's way down the road. ... Patients who develop heart failure need their local doctor to manage fluids and assess diuretics and electrolytes.
April 2013

Miserable symptoms mark chronic sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis, an illness that can feel as symptomatically miserable as congestive heart failure or rheumatoid arthritis, is often misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed. ... Chronic sinusitis, an illness that can feel as symptomatically miserable as
January 2011

New drugs for diabetes, secondary prevention of CV events

Expanded indication for 2 cardiac resynchronization pacemakers and 8 cardiac resynchronization defibrillators by Medtronic to treat patients with atrioventricular (AV) block and less severe heart failure. ... The FDA previously approved these devices for
July 2014

Managing the elderly with cardiovascular disease

induce acute renal failure in patients with heart failure and chronic renal impairment, and cause cardiovascular events. ... reduction in cardiovascular death, a 64% reduction in heart failure, and a 21% reduction in all-cause mortality.
October 2011

Warning about contrast agents, reviews under way on Stalevo

A new indication for three cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillators used to treat heart failure patients. ... The defibrillators are now approved to treat left bundle-branch block in patients who have mild heart failure or heart failure with no
November 2010

Lupus presentation may be an ‘imitator’

The experts agree that complex cases involving active disease, life-threatening disease, multiple organs, or comorbidities such as heart failure should be managed primarily by a rheumatologist. ... A paper in the August 2005 Nature Clinical Practice
November 2014

Managing medication adherence

But it's still amazing how low medication adherence is for patients who really need to take medications, like patients who have had heart attacks," he said. ... The health system is now in a post-pilot phase and has added heart failure to the three
March 2017

Keys to taking a neurological history

Samuels. At recent American Academy of Neurology meetings, he noted, neurologists who have become progressively more uncomfortable dealing with heart failure and hypertension sought out courses to better manage these conditions
July 2016

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