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‘Goldilocks' goal for diabetes and CKD

Osei said. “It's a different guideline than we are used to; we are used to numbers,” he said. ... N Engl J Med. 2009;361:40-51. [PMID: 19571282]. National Kidney Foundation. KDOQI Clinical Practice Guidelines and Clinical Practice Recommendations for
November 2012

Control is the key in rheumatoid arthritis

To control symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, new guidelines are encouraging internists to act sooner and more definitively combatting the course of the disease. ... The guideline authors note that the drugs are listed as options without any hierarchal
April 2016

Internists likely to see unprovoked first seizure

According to the guideline, an EEG revealed abnormalities in about 23% of patients. ... life. Over the longer term, defined as more than 3 years, immediate treatment with antiepileptic drugs is unlikely to improve sustained seizure remission, the
September 2015

Guidelines call for depression screening

Guidelines call for internists to screen for depression, but only if they can offer support once they make a diagnosis. ... The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force's (USPSTF) depression screening guidelines, published in the Dec.
March 2010

Europe's take on America's statins guidelines

They ask if the present guidelines are really advocating a blanket prescription for statins based on age. ... It is possible that guidelines that increase the use of statins will also make us just a little weaker, achier, stupid, and diabetic. .
February 2020

Letters to the Editor

per year based on guidelines) to monitor treatment efficacy, and managing long-term toxicities such as metabolic and renal disease as well as dealing with an aging population. ... It is very important that guidelines by ACP and the USPSTF reflect these
April 2010

Latest diabetes drugs have a learning curve

Qaseem A, Humphrey LL, Sweet DE, Starkey M, Shekelle P; Clinical Guidelines Committee of the American College of Physicians. ... Oral pharmacologic treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus: a clinical practice guideline from the American College of
October 2015

Safe prescribing can lessen overdose risk

If you're looking for a ‘Tell me exactly what I need to do each time’ guideline, this is going to drive you crazy,” he said. ... ACP offered feedback on a draft version of the CDC guidelines and issued a statement of support after the final version
October 2016

Documenting ICD-10-CM: What's new?

Guidelines allow the reporting of an additional diagnosis to support the abnormal test result.
April 2015

How many are too many for CT scans?

She'd like to see either regulation or guidelines setting out acceptable doses for routine studies, and recently proposed a metric to the National Quality Forum that would help practices voluntarily
February 2011

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