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Risk of financial abuse in elders should draw internists' attention

An expert counsels internists to consider screening their elderly patients for financial abuses, from investment scams to pressure from family members. Doctors can partner with financial experts to prevent financial exploitation.
1 Jul 2012

Med schools promoting care for underserved

To encourage primary care careers, medical schools are offering students shortened specialty rotations in favor of fast-track graduation, half-tuition forgiveness and having students follow patients wherever they go in the health system. Different teaching models emphasize continuity of care over snapshots of diagnoses, and place students in the clinics where they can fulfill the nation's need for rural care.
1 Feb 2010

Positions on health care reform aren't all black and white

ACP's health care positions can't be neatly labeled as coming from one political perspective or another. A wide array of issues requires consideration.
1 Jul 2012

Meeting baby boomers' high expectations

Baby boomers may seek a level of health care that isn't always realistic. Learn how to address their needs while carefully transitioning them into their golden years.
1 Jul 2012

CMS demo aims to help seniors stay healthy, independent

CMS is partnering with private companies to address multiple health risk factors that contribute to senior's chronic diseases.
1 Oct 2008

From the College

CME offerings and maintenance of certification.
1 May 2008

Talking points on palliative care address public, patients

Experts decry “death panels” as a step backward for the public perception of palliative care. Clarifying its scope would help the profession move forward, according to speakers at a recent conference.
1 Jun 2011

Dementia care not just a prescription

A diagnosis of dementia brings up potential concerns that physicians can help patients and their caregivers explore in a neutral, nonjudgmental way.
1 May 2020

IDSA updates treatment guidelines, while studies identify symptoms in specific age groups

The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) changed its recommendations on steroids, remdesivir, and other therapies. New research from Europe quantified COVID-19 symptoms in older adults as well as neurological complications.
30 Jun 2020

Osteoporosis screening, treatment uncommon after stroke

Among 16,581 patients, 5.1% underwent poststroke bone mineral density testing and 15.5% received fracture prevention treatment within one year.
30 Apr 2019

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