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Frailty measure may improve Medicare cost predictions

Observed Medicare costs were compared with predictions based on the standard CMS-Hierarchical Condition Category model, both with and without a claims-based frailty index.
7 Apr 2020

Alzheimer's markers make management tougher

New guidelines and diagnostic advances are identifying Alzheimer's disease and its precursors much earlier in the course of the disease. The bad news is that, for now at least, these improvements may only create more dilemmas for general internists for the role of biomarkers and communicating with patients.
1 Sep 2011

Personal choices may sway mammography

Primary care physicians who raise the subject of breast cancer screening with their patients may discover that they approach this decision from a different perspective.
1 Oct 2021

Letters to the Editor

ACP members take the organization to task for its positions on modifying reimbursement to doctors, and the organization's legislative leader offers a wider viewpoint on the issue in response.
1 Sep 2012

Ask questions to get past social stigma of pelvic floor disorders

John H. Stone, III, MACP; Mark E. Silverman, MACP; and Robert E. Tyson, FACP.
1 Jan 2009

Diving into delicate patient conversations

Delivering unpleasant news is one of the hardest tasks a physician faces. Assessing sensitive topics heightens the difficulty, and two physicians at Internal Medicine 2012 address ways to handle especially sensitive areas: sexual history, and the inability to safely drive a car.
1 Jun 2012

Integrate palliative care from early illness onward

The medical community has made progress in palliative care, moving it from the end of the line to a part of a terminal illness' earliest aspect of care.
1 Jun 2011


Obituaries for Jose A. Filos-Diaz, MACP, Allan L. Goulding, FACP, and Raymond H. Murray, MACP.
1 Nov 2009

Simple tools, teamwork manage depression in primary care

Embedding mental health professionals directly into a primary care setting threatens to add complexity to primary care's already hefty ‘to do” list. Clinics that have accomplished that task explain how not only was it easier than expected, but it adds tremendous benefits to the practice.
1 Mar 2011

Patient Priorities Care curriculum considers older patients' care goals

This approach can reduce unwanted and unhelpful treatment and may improve outcomes.
29 Oct 2019

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