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Scribes: A write way and a wrong way

Then PhysAssist provides that training, but the scribe remains a practice employee, Mr. ... Doctors who have trained their own scribes do report an initial learning curve.
February 2012

Cognitive strategies take good physicians to greatness

When we first take something on, we have a very steep and rapid learning curve,” said Dr. ... Another common learning strategy in other professions, including more procedure-oriented medical specialties, is simulation.
May 2014

College Fellow is Navy's new surgeon general

Matthew L. Nathan, MD, FACP, oversees medicine for the Navy. Yes, his personal heroes are Vice Admiral James Stockdale and Teddy Roosevelt, but to make his way through school, he was a magician and musician.
March 2012

Teaching diabetes self-management ‘basic survival skills'

A room, a desk, a book—these are the typical tools of education. ... But the latest in diabetes self-management education requires none of these accoutrements.
September 2012

Marijuana requests: Relief or ‘permission’?

Cooke advises proceeding slowly before signing any forms. She does not know of any formal training in this area, but recommended reading all the available literature, particularly as it pertains to
November 2010

Evaluating alcohol use in ‘Dry January’

If patients do not connect their alcohol intake with their health condition, try asking for permission to provide some teaching; patients rarely opt out of education, recommended Dr.
January 2022

Internists play primary role in detecting skin cancer

Ann Intern Med. 2009;150:188-93. Many of the educational materials discussing skin cancer and skin cancer screening are geared toward the general public. ... The AAD also has a variety of other free educational resources for patients and physicians.
February 2013

ACP Highlights: What's new in other College publications

Senators Clinton's and Obama's split over mandating coverage distinguishes them from one another, but does that difference matter?.
June 2008

Twitter: a medical help, hindrance or hype?

Imagine a future where you can with a click of the mouse see what your patients and colleagues read on the Internet this morning, what they ate for lunch, and what they're working on right now. Whether that sounds to you like a potential practice
April 2009

Use caution when seeking medical information online

Arora, who focuses on medical education, quality improvement and patient safety in her work. ... In residency training today, we are being asked to enhance supervision,” Dr.
July 2011

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