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Pain management

ACP's new Pain Management Learning Hub features educational resources to help health care professionals better assess and manage patients' pain. ... ACP's Pain Management Learning Hub was funded by an independent education grant from Pfizer, Inc., in
April 2021

Specialization in medical education A letter to the editor addresses the primary care shortage in medical education. ... Failing to recognize the above realities is going to leave many smaller training programs in real jeopardy of no
July 2017

Old school medical education

Old school medical education. As I have the opportunity to give my talk titled, ”Learning How to Think like a Clinician,” many older physicians want to talk afterwards. ... Students and residents seem extremely interested in learning the skills of
April 2022

The role of a lifetime in medical education

Many of these programs have evolved to make standardized patient programs a more useful tool for formative assessments that are valuable learning experiences,” Dr. ... As students advance in their training, they are faced with more challenging
April 2018

Doctors in training seek ‘bright hope’

Failures during medical training are usually not as devastating as they may seem in the moment. ... Some of Dr. Todd's challenges during training related to her being a nontraditional student.
July 2021

Increasing nutrition education in medicine

Efforts are under way to increase nutrition education and awareness among practicing clinicians and medical students. ... nutrition education, which we have seen and will continue to see,” she concluded.
January 2020

Peer-led education requires strategy to be effective

Philis-Tsimikas. “The education may be delivered by peers, but they still need some supervision. ... Workshop characteristics related to chronic disease self-management education program attendance. Front Public Health.
October 2015

Doctors-in-training dealing with discrimination

I belong here. What happened is not OK.". Ensure a safe learning environment in the moment and with follow-up. ... Dr. Levine said medical education doesn't specifically address this topic, but he would endorse something formal that could fit into an
April 2017

For med students, when does follow-up cross the line? Medical students are using electronic health records to virtually follow up on patients' outcomes. ... While it's meant as a way of improving care and learning, it can be interpreted as a
March 2017

Hands-on learning is the new Clinical Skills Center's mission

Waxman Clinical Skills Center—formerly the Learning Center—at Internal Medicine 2008. Last year's self-guided audio tour of heart murmurs has been expanded to include more murmurs, as well ... of Education and Career Development for ACP.
April 2008

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