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Democrats must reconcile to pass reconciliation

As the Democratic leadership moves forward with their slim majorities in Congress, they must agree among themselves on trillions of dollars of health care programs, including universal health care, Medicare expansion, and more tax subsidies for the Affordable Care Act.
1 Oct 2021

Helping patients manage generic drug price increases

Generic drugs have recently become more expensive, from colchicine for gout to EpiPens for allergic reactions. Physicians are having trouble managing patients when their medicines suddenly rise in price.
1 Sep 2019

ACP Internist is now online and coming to your mailbox

The March issue of ACP Internist addresses the latest in internal medicine.
6 Mar 2012

Former EVP/CEO reflects on his tenure at the College

ACP's outgoing EVP/CEO reflects on his 6 years at the College's helm and his plans for the future.
1 Nov 2016

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring may be most cost-effective for hypertension diagnosis

Ambulatory measurement is the most cost-effective method of diagnosing high blood pressure, a new analysis concluded.
30 Aug 2011

Time to curb the rising costs of prescription drugs

The U.S. will see the largest increase in per capita costs in pharmaceuticals among developed markets through 2018. The CREATES Act: Ending Regulatory Abuse, Protecting Consumers, and Ensuring Drug Price Competition would approve federal and state regulation on costs to allow for return on investment by manufacturers but ensure affordability for patients.
1 Oct 2016

What now for health care reform after a first try fails?

ACP's lobbying agenda includes working on a bipartisan basis to shore up health insurance markets, give people more choices of coverage, and protect coverage for the most vulnerable covered by Medicaid.
1 May 2017

ACP Members push for change at Leadership Day

Leadership Day 2018 hosted more than 350 ACP members and guests to meet with nearly 100 members of Congress and staffers to address seven key issues important to internal medicine.
1 Jul 2018

Courage, sacrifice, and internal medicine—a year in review

ACP's president reflects on his year of tenure and shares his convocation speech from Internal Medicine Meeting 2017.
1 Apr 2017

Health policy after the election

The 2016 elections will have huge consequences for health policy.
1 Nov 2016

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