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Following up on breast density

All of ACP's coronavirus content and resources can be accessed online, and ACP Members can talk with each other in our Member Forum.
June 2020

If ever there was a time to address the obesity epidemic, COVID-19 must surely be it

Physicians and scientists have known since the very beginning of this awful pandemic, that coronavirus is not an indiscriminate killer. ... Let's be honest. Viruses like coronavirus, once they are out there on the loose, rarely get eradicated.
July 2020

Is COVID-19 the same thing or different things?

Is COVID-19 the same thing or different things? I took care of some people with coronavirus in the hospital. ... All these people have “the coronavirus.” But do they all have the same thing?
July 2020

Weeks into this, inadequate PPE is a national disgrace to America

When the whole coronavirus crisis started to escalate in the United States in April, there could not have been a more unified cry from the health care frontlines—we need personal ... The risk to medical workers of coronavirus exposure has been
July 2020

Death counts from COVID-19 underestimate actual numbers!

Most people who die at home with Covid don't get coronavirus testing and so won't be counted as Covid deaths. ... And like that influenza outbreak, we are far from being done with coronavirus in June of 2020. .
July 2020

3 observations from my week working on a COVID-19 floor

3 observations from my week working on a COVID-19 floor. I've spent the last week working on the coronavirus unit of a Boston-area hospital, treating almost exclusively ... I've lost count of the number of times I've called the wife at home to update her
July 2020

How doctors should communicate over the phone during COVID-19

How doctors should communicate over the phone during COVID-19. The coronavirus crisis has turned the world of health care on its head in so many different ways.
July 2020

COVID-19 Quarantine: Are we afraid of going back?

In medicine, my field, all kinds of changes are happening. In places where people brought the novel coronavirus from distant parts and then mixed with other people in close quarters, places
July 2020

3 natural things you can do to immediately boost your immunity

They are going nowhere, and will still continue to threaten you, even if coronavirus disappears off the face of the earth.
July 2020

CDC advises cloth masks for everyone. Why now?

masks were not an effective barrier against coronavirus. ... Frequent adjusting of the cloth covering by new users will increase hand to face contact, which is a sure method of coronavirus infection. •
July 2020

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