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Teaching diabetes self-management ‘basic survival skills'

Brian Bixby, CRNP, told ADA attendees about the program. “Typically, our patient is the person with heart failure, COPD, diabetes,” he said.
September 2012

Death counts from COVID-19 underestimate actual numbers!

For most of these, there is no autopsy and a cause of death is assumed to be something on their known problem list, such as heart attack or stroke or COPD ... Or at least should be. Some of these patients are being classified as having died due to the
August 2020

A defense of proton-pump inhibitors

However, Dr. Moayyedi noted, “Those on acid suppression were much more likely to be diabetic, much more likely to have renal failure, much more likely to have cancer, COPD, MI.”.
January 2019

Your kidneys might prefer that steak tartar

The normal and low-cal plus AGE animals had the same outcomes; only the animals eating low-cal without AGE lived longer.
August 2020

Being a good doctor by working around prescription costs

In the adult inpatient service we mostly see COPD patients. I almost never prescribe inhalers.
August 2020

Does ACA coverage really make a difference?

Adults with cancer, cardiovascular disease (including hypertension, coronary heart disease, and congestive heart failure), stroke, respiratory failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or asthma exacerbation, hip fracture, seizures, and
March 2015

Sharing knowledge is part of a modern Hippocratic Oath

diabetes. Most recently, they have replicated those tools in addressing COPD. For more information on HEALTH TiPS, the Diabetes Patient Guide and the COPD Patient Guide, go to
June 2009

Peace and permission

That same tobacco history had left him with advanced emphysema and COPD.
August 2020

The scope of diagnosis, some thoughts after attending #DEM2018

2. A patient with known COPD comes to see you for worsening dyspnea. ... Sometimes we label that as COPD exacerbation, but what is the real diagnosis causing the exacerbation?
August 2020

What's new in other College publications

Participate in these current ACPNet projects: ACPNet Pain Management and ACPNet COPD Project.
November 2008

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