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Overcoming shame

Just today, a woman with COPD bowed her head in shame when she confessed she was still smoking. ... How stupid is that?” she said, “I have COPD and recently had pneumonia, yet I still can't stop using these things!
January 2020

Evidence evolving on aspirin as prevention

N Engl J Med. 2018;379:1529-39. [PMID: 30146931] doi:10.1056/NEJMoa1804988. Cao Y, Nishihara R, Wu K, Wang M, Ogino S, Willett WC, et al.
March 2019

Year of the Lung

Unfortunately, they significantly outnumbered the reporters in attendance. Perhaps that proves the presenters' point that lung diseases (particularly COPD) get less attention and funding than other major killers.
January 2020

Does ACA coverage really make a difference?

Adults with cancer, cardiovascular disease (including hypertension, coronary heart disease, and congestive heart failure), stroke, respiratory failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or asthma exacerbation, hip fracture, seizures, and
March 2015

MKSAP Quiz: Abrupt onset of chest pain

She smokes, and her medical history is significant for COPD without additional complications. ... This patient presents with a small, spontaneous pneumothorax in the setting of known COPD.
July 2013

Sharing knowledge is part of a modern Hippocratic Oath

diabetes. Most recently, they have replicated those tools in addressing COPD. For more information on HEALTH TiPS, the Diabetes Patient Guide and the COPD Patient Guide, go to
June 2009

A death well spent

Shortly before my medical education began, someone decided that "COPD" was a better all-encompassing term.
January 2020

What's new in other College publications

Participate in these current ACPNet projects: ACPNet Pain Management and ACPNet COPD Project.
November 2008

The DIE-t order

This is the amount of kcal (Cal) per liter of D5W = 5000 mg/dL x 3.4 kcal / g x 1 g / 1000 mg x 10 dL/1 L = 170
January 2020

ACP programs provide best practices to ensure the best care

Participation is currently open for ACPNet's quality improvement projects on pain management and COPD.
January 2009

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