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The importance of ‘the caring’

So in recent years, ACP has taken bold stances on climate change as a public health issue, firearms violence as a public health issue, the health care needs of diverse populations
June 2019

Improving health of patients, practice environment

Climate change. While the administration's approach to climate change remains very concerning, states, localities, and businesses have stepped up to adopt measures to mitigate climate change and its effects. ... medical schools or physician residency
March 2018

All health policy is political, as it must be

ACP members unhappy about the College's stance on, say, gun violence or climate change will sometimes assert that the organization should stop taking “political” stances. ... Issues like climate change and gun violence prevention are “political”
February 2019

Looking back and looking forward

Making the impact of our work on the environment personal, ACP has developed a Climate Change Toolkit to help us decrease our carbon footprint.
January 2019

What would a happy health care New Year look like?

Research on the prevention and treatment of disease, on improvement of health outcomes, on the impact of climate change on human health, on prevention of gun violence, and on the social
January 2018

International Forum focuses on social determinants of health

Topics of global impact, such as obesity and climate change, are natural starting points for collaborating, setting agendas, and working with legislatures in different countries. ... flu pandemics, asthma and climate change, and the “diseases of
January 2019

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