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Heart disease is not hypothetical

For academics in the public health space to offer dietary advice in the age of climate change and ignore the planetary impactof choices made by 8 billion hungry Homo sapiens is
October 2019

Fatness, affluence, adaptation, and hope

These days, alas, that image could pertain to climate change, and a grim fate to which these extraordinary animals may be subject, more or less.
October 2019

Deciding which advocacy issues are ‘in our lane’

21, 2015, article, “Work of Prominent Climate Change Denier Was Funded by Energy Industry”). ... This is trickier. Saying that climate change adversely affects human health is one thing, but knowing what to do about it is another.
October 2019

Nutrition and the art of disparaging science

By way of analogy, it's entirely obvious that climate change is advanced, and our carbon emissions are the reason for it, yet practically impossible to link the weather in any
October 2019

Bullet holes in dietary guidance

However, there is reason for real consternation about this saga. In the age of the Paris Accord and water shortages, climate change and crop failures, The BMJ gets credit for helping
October 2019

Public health and citizens, truly united

They care a bit about productivity in the next quarter. But climate change?
October 2019

After the election, a time for reflection

We must do everything possible to prevent a rollback of the commitments made by the United States and other countries to combat global climate change. ... Toward this end, I have been lecturing nationally and internationally on the health impact of
January 2017

Puzzling past paradox to PURE understanding

Imagine the attendant headlines: “Everything Thought Known About Wheels Proves Wrong!” and “Wheel Guidelines Need Radical Change!”. ... The unprecedented rainfall is related to climate change, which in turn is monumentally influenced by global
October 2019

An internist with many interests

I think it was the first medical school to entirely change from a traditional method to a fully problem-based approach and do it in 1 day,” he said. ... Pet peeves: Negative people, politicians without backbone, climate-change deniers, exaggerated
January 2015

Agreement and division--the American Health Care Act and what we all want

There is global climate change, which is hard for all but the most stalwart of partisans to ignore. ... on. The ways in which we disagree are important. Debate, change and consensus making is a valuable use of our energy, but right now we need to also
October 2019

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