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Menopause, hormone replacement, and mortality: a research reality check

DeGrasse Tyson, addressing the topic of climate change for CNN. ... What is true of climate science is true of science in general- with particularly urgent implications for menopause and nutrition, among crucial public health topics we seem so adept at
January 2021

‘Facts are stubborn things' and are needed more than ever

Yet President Trump and his nominees to head the Environmental Protection Agency and State Department are climate change skeptics. ... Republicans consider climate change to be a very serious problem compared to 68% of Democrats.
March 2017

Bad information for a social disease

The filter-free broadcasting of misinformation about climate change and the fate of the planet propagates a volume of noise in which even the global consensus of experts is invited to
January 2021

Vitamin D supplementation: of scandal, sunlight, and skin in the game

In other words, Gore advocated for responses to climate change not to make money, but from deep conviction. ... We can help amplify your message with money; you don't need to change what you were already saying.
January 2021

Former EVP/CEO reflects on his tenure at the College

The other timely issue that we're very much interested in is climate change. ... One might think, ‘Why should a membership organization like ACP become involved with climate change?’ Well, the long-term impact on health, both for individual and
November 2016

Saturated fat: weighed, measured, and found wanting

divert their eyes from the proof of climate change and our complicity in it, or of evolution.
January 2021

Diet for a hungry, fat, dry, wet, hot, sick planet

My hopes in this area were richly fulfilled, as leading experts from around the world gave illuminating talks on chronic disease, emerging infections, climate change, water supply, biodiversity, soil quality, sustainable ... We are, alas, very late to
January 2021

Health: 1 measure to rule them all

but globally: climate change. ... That will certainly change. But even now, when we acknowledge that there is no true vitality, and thus no true vigevity, absent hope and confidence in the future, we have cause
January 2021

Allergies are on the rise, but so are treatments

On the other end of the hypothetical spectrum, pollen may be more widespread because of climate change. ... Because of climate change, pollen stays in the air for a longer period of time in the summer and fall.
May 2016

Heart disease is not hypothetical

For academics in the public health space to offer dietary advice in the age of climate change and ignore the planetary impactof choices made by 8 billion hungry Homo sapiens is
January 2021

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