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Strokes of unkind fate

To the extent climate change is creating more weather-related catastrophes from conflagration to inundation, we have almost no remaining opportunity for prevention, and only slow-motion opportunity for containment. ... We could change this by deciding.
January 2021

8 ways that members can guide College activities

As a profession, we need to recognize our responsibility in enabling dependence on opioids with indiscriminate prescribing and the need to change these practices. ... I have been speaking nationally and internationally about the health effects of global
March 2017

Modern medicine and maladies of evidence

If we translate this ominous declaration, it readily becomes: “Reminding people what is actually true (e.g., climate change) in the hope they might finally, actually do something about it is ... The industrial revolution was not intended to produce
January 2021

Your food is making you sick

It allows climate change denialists to stop us from saving our homes.
January 2021

Industry-funded research: conflict or confluence?

schoolyards; on topics ranging from climate to guns, civil rights to nuclear containment. ... Back in 2009, he was excoriated by critics, climate change deniers salient among them, for deriving profits from his “green economy” investments.
January 2021

Beating on wheat and raining on grains

Not just all these epidemics of chronic disease, but climate change, overpopulation, desertification, and the wholesale death of bats and bees if not yet birds.
January 2021

A warmer, wetter world will mean more work for internists

The feature launches this month with an investigation of the health impacts of climate change. ... Health Association chose climate change as its theme for National Public Health Week 2008.
June 2008

A diet of alternative facts

For another, it means the lessons of alternative facts learned in the marketing of dietary nonsense, and tobacco too, have now been applied to the climate, with calamitous consequences, and are ... Isolated dissent does not a controversy make. Dissenters
January 2021

Diet, and delusions of evidence

It is used to justify the climate change procrastination and prevarication that are melting our ice, and sure to cook our goose.
January 2021

Is the doctors' white coat evidence of physician economic decline?

Similarly, large pickups would be OK if they weren't associated with poorer gas mileage and global climate change.
January 2021

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