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Can we keep the planet out of the ICU?

The loudest clamor against the climate change alarms has always been that such predictions are imperfect.
October 2019

How to treat pneumonia, and science

The repudiations of science, whether in the context of climate change, or nutrition, or immunization, or the epidemiology of bullet holes in human bodies share the common assertion that science is ... What we know about climate change and the models
October 2019

Do not blame the RUC, blame RBRVS

Dad-burned RUC is causing climate change. The entire health care cost problem comes from RUC decisions. ... And that must change. The idea of RVUs disgusts me. It turns patient encounters into different valued widgets.
October 2019

Don't let summer bites make you sick

It is generally confined to tropical and sub-tropical regions, but global travel and climate change are putting the continental US at greater risk. ... So far there haven’t been an cases transmitted within the continental U.S., but this could easily
October 2019

New insulin questioned; carbon emission price proposed

Damle, MD, MS, FACP, in the July/August 2016 ACP Internist (“Internal medicine can slow climate change, improve health”). ... What we need next to combat climate change is a concerted national policy to rapidly drive down greenhouse gas emissions.
September 2016

The vegan argument

But let's be clear that arguments for vegan diets at a time of climate change, drying aquifers, industrial farming, assaults on biodiversity, rampant chronic disease, and global population pressures are ... Certainly yes. Can we say that it reliably
October 2019

Ketogenic leftovers, reheated

And let's be sure to acknowledge, as the ominous mayhem of climate change is ever less theoretical, ever more up close and personal for us all, that this diet in
October 2019

Invincible food, vulnerable father and son

who has heard the rumors about the state of either public health (i.e., epidemic obesity, epidemic diabetes, etc.), or the planet (i.e., climate change, water shortages, habitat destruction, etc.). ... everything from climate change, to water consumption,
October 2019

Dietary guidelines for which Americans?

With climate change, water shortages, crop failures, and global population growth all fixtures of life in 2015, we can readily see, perhaps for the first time, the potential to run out
October 2019

Design, intelligent or otherwise, in real time

The example proves the general principle. Natural selection is enough to produce profound, and seemingly designed, biological change. ... By denying the science substantiating both climate change and our role in it, even while propagating it using
October 2019

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