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Sure as shooting

But it would have been much less bad. Even if we were less inclined to climate change denial, we would still have to acknowledge that there have always been hurricanes,
November 2019

The family dinner

Sustainability is, rightly, a consideration in dietary guidance. Climate change may now be so salient a menace to humanity that the infamous imperium of chronic diseases may need to surrender to ... The obliteration of biodiversity in the living world
November 2019

A little holiday fun from the CDC!

Sometimes it's hard to find the right card for a special occasion. Perhaps you want to congratulate a friend on their compliance with epilep...
November 2019

Do you really need to drink a half gallon of water each day?

McCartney writes that those men "didn't try to make him change his point of view, but did confidentially show him some charts that proved a sales fall right after the ... good. The result is that the same departments that are committed to fight climate
November 2019

Climate change and clinical practice

hypertension. Although some may debate the potential causes of climate change, its effects have undeniably been felt worldwide, and it will most likely continue to play a role in health and ... Do you talk to your patients about the health effects of
September 2016

Turning up the heat

Turning up the heat. Today seems like a good day to highlight the association of climate and infectious diseases, not only vector-borne infections like malaria, Zika, and dengue fever that
November 2019

Internal medicine can slow climate change, improve health

ACP is once again proactively addressing an issue of importance to human health: climate change. ... Climate change adaptation strategies must be established, and mitigation measures must be adopted.
July 2016

Sugar: my position

for carbon emissions and climate change.
November 2019

My milk manifesto

Excessive appetites for meat and/or dairy therefore conspire directly against efforts to curtail climate change.
November 2019

Can we keep the planet out of the ICU?

The loudest clamor against the climate change alarms has always been that such predictions are imperfect.
November 2019

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