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Students are often not familiar with the patient who has five serious chronic problems but no complaints. ... Part of the problem is that many medical students get only an acute exposure to chronic diseases.
July 2020

Fatness, affluence, adaptation, and hope

In the U.S., the fattest and sickest among us tend to be the poorest, while affluence is a robust, if imperfect, defense against obesity and related chronic diseases. ... Affluence, at the population level, is propagating the tidal wave of obesity and
July 2020

Milking dairy data for more than they are worth

associated with better overall health and reduced risk of all chronic diseases and premature death. ... Replacing animal sources of protein with these foods is another way to reduce risk of all major chronic disease and premature death significantly,
July 2020

Finesse required to treat anxiety in the elderly

But when does worry become anxiety? And how can internists not only manage chronic diseases but also ensure that patients are able to care for themselves? ... For example, rapid heartbeat may be a symptom of hyperthyroidism. But the symptoms of the
January 2013

What I learned from asthma

2. People with chronic illness may feel that they are to blame for their illness. ... 5. Allergies are not volitional. 6. Patients with chronic illness frequently understand their health conditions better than doctors do.
July 2020

A missed opportunity: Promoting healthier eating in the hospital

Indeed, if there's 1 place in the world where we should be promoting healthy eating and addressing the real source of so many of the chronic diseases that are afflicting
July 2020

Credit where credit is due

I know that, as a woman of 55 with an very active and healthy lifestyle, no chronic diseases and most importantly as a nonsmoker, I am at very low risk for
July 2020

Baloney, bushes and the bird in hand

And for our purposes, we already knew how to prevent 80% of all premature deaths and the chronic diseases propagating them by modifying just 3 things: what we do each day ... We have not eliminated 80% of chronic disease, or all but eradicated obesity.
July 2020

QD: News Every Day--Start talking to patients about obesity, because treatments work

They are only now being reimbursed by Medicare for counseling. The experience of Canadians mirrors that of American physicians, reports a new study in the March issue of Chronic Diseases and
July 2020

In absence of medical home, routine care migrates to specialists

The findings strengthen the case for the medical home model of care, the authors continue, where greater efficiencies are achieved by having PCPs handle routine follow-up of chronic diseases and
July 2020

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