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Rural experience, global perspective for health care reform

I continue to experience the rewards and travails of caring for an increasingly aging population, with an ever-growing number of chronic diseases, with an exponentially increasing number of treatment options,
May 2009

Universal care frees doctors to take ‘all measures required’

Estimates are that we will need an additional 46,000 primary care physicians by 2025 to meet the growing demands of an aging population and patients with multiple chronic diseases.
July 2009

Risk of financial abuse in elders should draw internists' attention

A: Older patients who have multiple chronic diseases are more vulnerable to financial abuse.
July 2012

Primary care takes on opioid addiction

As with treating other chronic diseases, treating opioid use disorder with buprenorphine or methadone can be a lifelong endeavor. ... It's become more recognized that chronic medical conditions and psychiatric conditions are so negatively affected by
October 2017

Sharing knowledge is part of a modern Hippocratic Oath

Specific challenges for the internist include educating the patients about self-management of chronic diseases and proper use of medications.
June 2009

Setting a course for food as medicine

As a primary care physician in Los Angeles, Elizabeth Ko, MD, FACP, sees 100 patients in a busy week, many of whom have chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. ... The majority of chronic disease is caused by poor nutrition, but the
June 2018

Caring for veterans outside the VA system

and other chronic diseases, and not be aware of potential benefits connected to their service. ... It's OK to talk about your chronic pain. It's OK to talk about your sleep,” said Dr.
July 2017

Antidepressants no easy fix in primary care

The PHQ-9 can help identify if antidepressants are indicated, and if started, monitor a patient's response to them, said Sophia Chang, MD, MPH, director of better chronic disease care ... Kravitz calls “tantalizing but frustrating”? “Think about
January 2012

Keep it simple for patient portal success

Dr. Sharif noted that Fresenius Medical Care wants to significantly expand use of patient portals to engage and communicate with patients, most of whom have chronic renal conditions. ... Larger practices can perhaps negotiate with an insurer for bundling
April 2018

Oaths, charters, and our professional ethos

As internal medicine specialists, whether in primary care general internal medicine or as subspecialists managing chronic diseases, we enjoy the privilege of long-term close relationships with patients, helping them navigate
March 2020

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