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Refine your referrals to physical rehab with thought, timeliness

For example, she said, evidence supports that occupational therapy is appropriate for patients with chronic diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or diabetes, who need help implementing a healthy lifestyle. ... Dunleavy said. On the
April 2014

Guidelines diminish cholesterol worries

Preventable, chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and diet-related cancers affect about half of all Americans and are linked with poor-quality dietary patterns and physical
June 2015

Wearable tech shows promise in clinical care

At Partners, Dr. Kvedar said the focus is on using connected health to manage chronic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. ... The good news is [those diseases] account for 70%, by many estimates, of the cost of care, at least in the U.S
November 2015

Patients, generalists and subspecialists all gain from PCMH

Within a PCMH, internists should be able to devote additional time to patients with multiple chronic diseases and regain the satisfaction of caring for patients over many years. ... same-day care with PCMH-based non-physicians for less complex issues,.
September 2008

Treat addicted patients for the long-term

In the meantime, internists should keep trying to help. “Drug abuse is as treatable as other chronic diseases that everyone here treats,” Dr.
June 2009

Four days in May

support a well-trained physician workforce,. reduce barriers to care of patients with chronic diseases, and.
July 2017

New tool for Annual Wellness Visits

During the Annual Wellness Visit, the clinician uses the information gleaned from the Health Risk Assessment (and any other screening devices) to identify any previously undocumented chronic diseases, urgent health needs,
May 2012

HIV comes of age as disease of mid-to-late life

As she describes it, HIV is one of a number of chronic diseases she monitors in patients, more often than not through regular checkups. ... Or did you have an additive factor because of your chronic HIV disease?”.
November 2011

Mandated flu vaccines may be ‘new norm’ in health care

Carson said. Influenza disproportionately affects elderly and very young people and those with chronic diseases, “the people we care for on a daily basis,” he said. ... program was implemented in 2008, according to an article about the policy in
October 2015

Working toward health care one step at a time

health care system, ACP has been quietly working toward change. Since 2004, the College has been helping physicians take practical steps toward improving care for patients with chronic diseases through its ... Throughout the diabetes module, funded by an
March 2008

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