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What if? A New Year's public health reverie

But I, too, have loved ones laid low by chronic diseases that need not have occurred. ... In my kingdom, we would do this, and more, until the 80% of all chronic disease we know we can eliminate were actually eliminated.
July 2021

Medicine and management: hits from Hospital Medicine

Chronic hypertension doesn't need to be treated until the diastolic blood pressure goes above 105 mm Hg. ... Emphasize acute diseases and chronic diseases with acute exacerbations, those that are end-stage or those with extensive disability.
July 2009

Chronic care management codes worthwhile if done right To ensure proper billing of the chronic care management codes, it is important that clinical staff or clinicians keep a record of time ... The uptake of billing the chronic care management (CCM) codes,
June 2017

Guidelines call for depression screening

Treating that depression, studies have shown, can and does significantly improve chronic-disease outcomes. ... Helmuth's group, to beef up screening, starting with patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and inflammatory diseases,
March 2010

Helping Medicare patients save money on their medications

Patients with 1 or more chronic diseases could achieve significant savings by choosing plans based on the specific drugs they take.
November 2015

College Fellow's foundation helps support health care workers

Dr. Crook speaks about infectious diseases such as dengue fever and how to use netting to prevent their spread. ... In addition to working at clinics and helping with transport to Thailand, the workers provide care in villages for people with chronic
July 2014

Reflections from a physician who faced his mortality

And my patients will still be on dialysis. I think patients with chronic diseases are the bravest souls.”.
May 2013

Probiotics have potential, though definitive evidence is lacking

There may be concerns among people who are immunocompromised, people who have a number of serious chronic diseases. ... Newberry. “For a chronic condition like irritable bowel, that's fine.”. Other gastrointestinal problems are one of the most common
April 2013

Internal Medicine Meeting 2016 covers clinical questions

There've been several new developments in the care of major chronic diseases that a lot of internists are struggling with right now in terms of how we are going to
March 2016

Patients, generalists and subspecialists all gain from PCMH

Within a PCMH, internists should be able to devote additional time to patients with multiple chronic diseases and regain the satisfaction of caring for patients over many years. ... same-day care with PCMH-based non-physicians for less complex issues,.
September 2008

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