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What does expensive care look like?

The patients at the hospital who use the most resources are people with chronic diseases, the old and sometimes the very old, often poor people on public insurance, either Medicare or ... Frequently they have chronic pain and are on regular doses of
November 2020

Why should we shell out so much money for health care for the poor?

would be terrible for people to die or suffer from treatable or preventable diseases because they don't have the money to pay for care. ... People who aren't disabled by chronic diseases or the sequelae of epidemics tend to be better workers, invent more
November 2020

‘Year of the Lung’ draws attention to COPD, asthma

Not only for asthma, but also for other chronic diseases, [a program like this] might be a solution for the future,” said Dr. ... Hashimoto. Asthma also turns out to be like many other chronic diseases in that it doesn't go well with high-fat fast food.
July 2010

This doctor's 'complex' patients aren't who you think they are

In fact, 65% of total health care expenditures are directed toward the 25% of patients with multiple chronic conditions. ... Eighty percent of Medicare spending is on patients with four or more chronic diseases.
November 2020

The case for prevention: saving more dollars by making more sense

The costs of disability attached to chronic diseases are then compounded by the costs of chronic treatment. ... And, in fact, the better we get at preventing death despite chronic disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and its complications,
November 2020

Fat: ending the war that nobody started

help curtail our intake of excess calories, driving the obesity epidemic—and the attendant epidemics of related chronic diseases that persist to this day. ... Had that swap ever been made, there would have been no war to wage, no war to end, and many
November 2020

Clearing the air about climate change

As temperatures edge upward, doctors should watch out for vulnerable patients, whether it's those with respiratory conditions and other chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes, those who have ... Vector-borne diseases also are
September 2016

Minding your second favorite organ

Alzheimer's is overwhelmingly a vascular disease, and thus overwhelmingly preventable. Estimates are less well established than for other chronic diseases, but it seems likely the risk can be trimmed by ... The price tag of Alzheimer's, and chronic
November 2020

Primary care-staffed transition clinic may cut readmissions

These patients often face a variety of psychosocial barriers, complex chronic conditions, and often will require transportation or medication assistance,” she said. ... Ms. Chakravarthy said. “We're also looking into possibly focusing on chronic
January 2016

Bad breath and oral health--what's new and what's old?

This may well contribute to more effective therapeutics for the chronic diseases of these organs which are at present poorly treated by the heavy hitting pharmacological agents we are so good ... Also bad breath. Fecal transplant, that is introducing the
November 2020

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