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Keeping our wits with (and about) cholesterol

The investigators themselves note another important consideration. Those who reach 85 with elevated cholesterol and no cardiovascular disease or cognitive impairment are clearly tolerant of that elevated cholesterol, presumably due to ... People over 85
May 2022

QD: News Every Day--Cardiologists should consider comorbidities, study says

The analysis also revealed the presence of comorbidities such as chronic kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Alzheimer’s disease/dementia, and depression among individuals with these cardiovascular conditions. ... The increase in so
May 2022

QD: News Every Day--Increasingly popular testosterone therapies may pose MI risks in men with existing heart disease

QD: News Every Day--Increasingly popular testosterone therapies may pose MI risks in men with existing heart disease. ... Until that time clinicians might be well advised to include serious cardiovascular events in their discussions with patients of
May 2022

Heart disease is not hypothetical

Heart disease is not hypothetical. Acontends that saturated fat is uninvolved in coronary artery disease. ... health outcomes overall, including less cardiovascular disease, may be high or low in total fat, but are invariably plant-predominant and low in
May 2022

QD: News Every Day--Women know to call 911 for stroke, but may not know the warning signs

To evaluate knowledge of stroke warning signs and what to do, researchers conducted a study of cardiovascular disease awareness that was conducted by the American Heart Association in 2012 among
May 2022

Preventive aspirin inflames opinions

By 2003, at least one-third of American adults ages 35 and older, as well as 4 out of every 5 with cardiovascular disease, were taking aspirin daily or every other ... Frequency and practice-level variation in inappropriate aspirin use for the primary
May 2015

There has never been a better time to have diabetes

But much of the credit for these positive trends has nothing to do with diabetes, but with general improvements in preventing cardiovascular disease. ... So as cardiovascular risks have declined in the general population, people with diabetes who are at
May 2022

The danger of pronouncements in medicine

That same group championed a flawed risk calculator that greatly overestimates my risk of coronary artery disease. ... Annals of Internal Medicine includes a very complex, careful alternative to that risk calculator, “Clinical Implications of Revised
May 2022

5 things that doctors learn from their patients

Whether we are talking about cancer, disabling cardiovascular disease or infections, our patients inspire us with their bravery and determination. ... He has published numerous articles in clinical medicine, covering a wide range of specialty areas
May 2022

On not moving and other dangerous sports

The first used data from the Cleveland Clinic's electronic medical record to see whether the standard prediction calculator that we use to estimate a person's risk for cardiovascular disease ... risk factors for heart disease such as high blood pressure,
May 2022

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