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Making space for preconception counseling in primary care

Pregnancy is the ultimate stress test, especially when it comes to cardiovascular health,” Dr. ... McGowan said. “If a woman develops a cardiovascular disease, whether that's hypertension or cardiomyopathy, during pregnancy or during that postpartum
May 2020

Getting patients to ‘yes' on COVID-19 vaccines

Adimora. “A lot of internal medicine patients, in fact, do have a fair amount of comorbidities and coexisting conditions, from obesity to cardiovascular disease, etc.,” she said.
January 2021

Puzzling past paradox to PURE understanding

Three PURE study papers were just published in the same issue of The Lancet, one reporting health outcomes (cardiovascular disease, non-cardiovascular disease, and mortality) associated with intake of vegetables, fruits, ... Non-cardiovascular mortality
May 2022

QD: News Every Day--'5 a day' fine, but more than that may not be needed

Eating 5 daily portions of fruit and vegetables is associated with a lower risk of death from any cause, particularly from cardiovascular disease, but beyond 5 portions appears to have no ... So, researchers conducted the meta-analysis of 16 studies
May 2022

Dealing with dementia, Q&As on COVID-19

Our story in this issue reviews measures that can be tried earlier in the disease course, drug and nondrug approaches, and ways to assess what is most important to the patient. ... The therapy comes with its own potential risks, too, including a possible
May 2020

New cardiovascular indication approved for diabetes drug

noted. A new indication for empagliflozin (Jardiance) to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death and hospitalization for heart failure in adults. ... It is also approved to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death in adults with type 2 diabetes and
April 2022

Aspirin, questioning established wisdom

Note that it still may be warranted in some because of higher risk, and it's still recommended for most older patients if they have known heart disease. ... The FDA just added a block box warning for Uloric (febuxostat), a medicine used for gout, because
May 2022

Pseudoconfusion about saturated fat: 5 reasons for 1 hot mess

meat; and that variation in palmitic acid did predict variation in heart disease rates. ... They share a very important blind spot. Both looked at variation in saturated fat intake and variation in cardiovascular disease and mortality, finding no
May 2022

Reducing my cardiovascular risks--the ongoing saga

Atorvastatin. Statin drugs reduce cholesterol and reduce vascular disease, though their effects in patients who have not had any cardiovascular events are minimal. ... cardiovascular disease.
May 2022

QD: News Every Day--Another piece to the puzzle of alcohol and heart health

These, in turn, may pass on the benefit of less cardiovascular disease. ... The findings suggest that reduction of alcohol consumption, even for light to moderate drinkers, is beneficial for cardiovascular health, researchers noted.
May 2022

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