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Why so much fuss about Anacetrapib?

Why so much fuss about Anacetrapib? I'm a bit puzzled by all the excitement about Merck's new drug, Anacetrapib (MK-0859) that's said to lower risk for cardiovascular ... What's wrong here? Well, it's that we don't know for sure how this new drug affects
January 2020

Maintenance of Certification, or extortion?

In fact, my timing was perfect; I was “boarded” in medicine in 1987, and in cardiovascular disease in 1989, which (I am pretty sure) were, respectively, the last years that the ... He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular
January 2020

Diabetes debates defy easy resolution

Sulfonylureas, because of their propensity to cause hypoglycemia, may also not be the best choice for cardiovascular safety, suggested Dr. ... One alternative, pioglitazone, appears likely to have beneficial effects on cardiovascular disease.”.
September 2013

Multiple concerns about multivitamins

It's important to note that this was part of a larger study to test the effects of a multivitamin on cancer, cardiovascular disease, eye disease and cognitive decline. ... The current results publish only the cancer findings. The effects on
January 2020

Multivitamins won't help you '____________'. Well, duh

Another would be to compare people with established cardiovascular disease, or at least significant risk factors, and do the same. ... Let's conclude. If you want to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, eat well, be active, avoid toxins, and so on.
January 2020

Risk of financial abuse in elders should draw internists' attention

Internists' elderly patients face many risks, such as cardiovascular disease, falls, dementia, and financial exploitation.
July 2012

Screening for inflammation with hsCRP

Multiple studies have demonstrated the relationship between hsCRP elevation and cardiovascular disease. ... hsCRP measurement is currently recommended only in individuals who are at intermediate risk for cardiovascular disease (defined as 10% to 20%
January 2020

Is CPAP all it's cracked up to be?

patients with obstructive sleep apnea and pre-existing cardiovascular disease. ... They raised a host of objections with the trial--from the population being too old, too male, too undertreated for cardiovascular disease, to not having as many patients
January 2020

QD: News Every Day--Small sodium reductions could have big mortality impact

Researchers modeled the effect of reducing sodium over the next 10 years upon direct effects on cardiovascular disease mortality, upon indirect effects of blood pressure changes as observed in randomized controlled
January 2020

Marketing medicine and the treatment of high blood pressure

The SPRINT study only looked at patients 50 years of age or older with other risk factors for cardiovascular disease, including heart disease, kidney disease and a calculated risk of cardiovascular ... The money not spent on medications and doctor visits
January 2020

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