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Measured outcomes included total mortality and cardiovascular disease outcomes over a four-year follow-up. ... Treatment with the blood-pressure medications reduced the risk of cardiovascular death by 18% and the all-cause risk of death by 14%.
May 2009

Some thoughts on clinical judgement

You draw labs, exam him and calculate his 10-year risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease at 9%. ... He exercises, has a BMI of 24, and no family history of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.
February 2020

Catch up on new COPD guidelines

Internists know they see a lot of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but they might not realize quite how many. ... Cho favors the latter. Don't forget to also identify and treat comorbidities, which commonly include
June 2018

Points to consider in palliative care

Stop statins in patients with poor prognosis and no active cardiovascular disease. ... Hagman. In a trial of 381 adults with recent functional deterioration but no recent active cardiovascular disease, those who discontinued statin therapy had improved
July 2018

Sodium studies, with a grain of salt

The particular goal of guidelines addressing salt (or sodium) intake is to prevent ambient high blood pressure, a major contributor to cardiovascular disease and the leading cause of stroke. ... They went on to note that excess sodium intake was
February 2020

Why so much fuss about Anacetrapib?

Why so much fuss about Anacetrapib? I'm a bit puzzled by all the excitement about Merck's new drug, Anacetrapib (MK-0859) that's said to lower risk for cardiovascular ... What's wrong here? Well, it's that we don't know for sure how this new drug affects
February 2020

What to eat...and not to eat

The 14,641-subject Physician's Health Study found neither supplement protects against cardiovascular disease when taken separately.
February 2020

Meat, potatoes, and mortality

The findings are nothing less than bizarre. Meat intake and saturated fat intake were associated with cholesterol, but not heart disease. ... The highest rates of death from cardiovascular disease in Europe are seen in Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia.
February 2020

Regents act to boost public view of primary care

The Regents also voted to:. Endorse a curriculum on cardiovascular disease prevention, which the College created in conjunction with the American College of Cardiology Foundation and the American Heart Association;.
May 2009

Lazarus took fish oil

While truly decisive evidence of benefit related to any one health condition has been elusive, there are strong suggestions of benefit related to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia, traumatic brain injury, autoimmune ... a population of 10,000
February 2020

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