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Diving into delicate patient conversations

We need to make sure it's just like other disease things we talk about. ... Conditions and diseases that are particularly likely to affect these functions include stroke, diabetes, cardiovascular disease (both ischemia and arrhythmias), arthritis,
June 2012

Rosiglitazone controversy has internists scratching their heads

And nowadays you must add to that long list of negatives that it is unknown to what extent the glitazones may add to the risk of cardiovascular disease. ... at risk more than the average for cardiovascular disease.
March 2008

Taking a weight off diabetes care

Such weight cycling carries health risks of its own, Ms. Phillips noted, including decreased metabolic rate as well as increased risk for cardiovascular disease and eating disorders.
September 2020

Vigilance needed to combat osteoporosis

For example, according to the federal government's Healthy People 2010 report, the proportion of visits for patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia that included nutrition counseling decreased from 42% ... Experts debate how
January 2017

Research at SGIM meeting targets prevention

McWilliams reported. Much of the money was spent on complications from cardiovascular disease and diabetes and joint replacements—expenses that potentially could have been prevented with earlier interventions. ... Pracha P. Eamranond, MD, and
July 2009

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