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Screening mammography in women aged 40-49: A report of the American College of Physicians and American College of Radiology consensus meeting

Thus, all women should discuss the benefits and harms of breast cancer screening with their physician. ... 9. The primary benefit of screening mammography is a reduction in mortality from breast cancer.
May 2012

Politics, propaganda, and perspective: how preventive medicine pertains

The field of preventive medicine has brought us cancer screening programs that save thousands upon thousands of lives, and immunizations that save millions. ... And, of course, in the modern era the relevant efforts continue to address immunization and
February 2020

Review points to the need for better ways to advise women and detect breast cancer

You might, while reading or hearing about this news, wonder about the value of yet another study on breast cancer screening. ... Why I still think that breast cancer screening is a good idea for most middle-aged women (selected, from a longer list):.
February 2020

The dilemma of breast density

Armstrong said) that women with higher breast density are more likely to have a cancer missed on mammography screening. ... Armstrong offered the breast cancer screening system used at her own facility.
July 2018

The new uncertainty about mammograms

That’s a major problem with prostate cancer screening and is why PSA tests are no longer recommended.). ... Cancer screening expert to radiologists: Stop lying about mammograms (Los Angeles Times).
February 2020

Fake chart note reveals what doctor really thinks

Dear Jerome,. I am not sure how to thank you for asking this most unpleasant gentleman to see me for colorectal cancer screening. ... Recommendations: I have discussed the rationale for colorectal cancer screening and the benefits, alternatives,
February 2020

Is it bad patient behavior or poor doctor-patient communication?

The same phenomenon can be found in studies dealing with exercise, weight loss, colorectal cancer screening, HVP immunization, and patient participation in clinical trials. ... 2008;21:118–127. Taylor, V., et al. "Colorectal Cancer Screening Among
February 2020

Am I too old for a colonoscopy?

The reason is that medical studies have demonstrated that the benefits of colon cancer screening in this age group is not justified by the risk and expense of the effort. ... He's never had a colonoscopy. Does a screening study really make sense here?
February 2020

Mammograms could save more lives than you might think

Mammograms could save more lives than you might think. I could write a book on what's wrong with today's breast cancer screening "news.". ... From the article "Screening mammograms save fewer lives than you think: "If you or someone you know discovered
February 2020

QD: News Every Day--'No simple relationship' between primary care access, better health

For example, there was no relationship between rates of breast cancer screening and the amount of primary care delivered.
February 2020

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