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Playing the blame game for rising prostate cancer rates

Sartor, a professor of cancer research in the departments of medicine and urology at Tulane, who led two sessions on “Controversies in Prostate Cancer: Screening, Evaluation of the Rising PSA, and ... Sartor said. If prostate cancer is ubiquitous, what
July 2008

Annals study on mammography spawns false hope that breast cancer is not a dangerous disease

In a new analysis, researchers applied complex models to cancer screening and breast cancer case data in Norway. ... Bloomberg News takes away this simple message in a headline: "Breast Cancer Screening May Overdiagnose by Up to 25%." Or, from the Boston
March 2020

What is "overdiagnosis"?

Dr. Welch has been studying overdiagnosis for a couple of decades and has written two books, Should I Be Tested For Cancer?: Maybe Not and Here’s Why and Overdiagnosed: Making ... for. It has been pretty well established for breast cancer screening and
March 2020

Ask the question to find sexual dysfunction

This issue also covers making time for cancer screening, improving immunization rates, and health care for immigrants. ... How do you handle cancer screening? What challenges do you face with immunization in your practice?
October 2019

Advance care planning should be a standard

Abrahm, MD, FACP, the former chief of the division of adult palliative care at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women's Hospital, and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical ... Berger said. “I would normalize the content by including it
November 2016

Cut costs without cutting corners to keep the office efficient

specific antigen (PSA) test follow-up takes three minutes, a visit about complicated incontinence takes 20 minutes, and a newly diagnosed cancer patient takes more than 30 minutes. ... Potential video topics for primary care physicians include cancer
February 2011

Density of breasts, clarity of decisions

She will know her relative risk for breast cancer. So yes, there are densities in the decision making regarding dense breast tissue and cancer screening. ... More research is needed to engender new and better breast cancer screening methods.
March 2020

It's not too late to start quality reporting and get paid for it

1c. Poor Control 2-LDL Control 3-High Blood Pressure Control 117-Dilated Eye Exam 119-Urine Screening for Microalbumin. ... Pneumonia Vaccination for Patients 65 Years and Older 113-Colorectal Cancer Screening 114-Inquiry Regarding Tobacco Use
July 2008

Muddled guidance at menopause

They have recently reached just such a conclusion regarding prostate cancer screening, assigning a letter grade of “C.”. ... Much decision-making takes place between these obvious extremes, and such decisions should, like those for prostate cancer
March 2020

Examining the annual exam

More robust evidence and stronger expert opinion favor blood pressure monitoring, cholesterol monitoring, various cancer screening, and certain immunizations. ... encounter. Rather, there will be a blank space on some spreadsheet where a diagnosis of
March 2020

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