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Who needs a screening pelvic exam anyway?

It is important to remember that there are indications for speculum exams in asymptomatic women that the Task Force endorses, such as for cervical cancer screening and screening for certain sexually ... I think people have to be clear that in this
September 2017

When and how to use new phone and Internet E/M coding

Q: Can I charge a Medicare patient for a prostate cancer screening digital rectal exam on the same date as an E/M visit? ... A: No. Although Medicare has created an HCPCS code for a prostate cancer screening digital rectal exam (G0102), it does not allow
April 2008

The prostate screening predicament: What's a guy to do?

Preventive Services Task Force has moved on from ambivalence about prostate cancer screening with the PSA test, and inveighed decisively against it. ... and finally, (5) the nature of the nature/nurture debate and its pertinence to prostate cancer
February 2020

Playing the blame game for rising prostate cancer rates

Sartor, a professor of cancer research in the departments of medicine and urology at Tulane, who led two sessions on “Controversies in Prostate Cancer: Screening, Evaluation of the Rising PSA, and ... Sartor said. If prostate cancer is ubiquitous, what
July 2008

QD: News Every Day--let the voting begin

QD: News Every Day--let the voting begin. ACP Internist's daily digest of news and events continues with updates on health care reform and the USPSTF's breast cancer screening ... Preventive Services Task Force breast cancer screening recommendations,
February 2020

QD: News Every Day--health reform legislation takes small step forward

influenza, as well as the USPSTF's breast cancer screening recommendations. ... In case you missed it. Coverage of the USPSTF's new guidelines on breast cancer screening, published in the Nov.
February 2020

Amidst the cacophony, cancer counsel you can trust

But that thinking is wrong. Cancer screening is “looking for trouble” in the most literal sense. ... But either can be a reason why the USPSTF does not recommend cancer screening.
February 2020

Advance care planning should be a standard

Abrahm, MD, FACP, the former chief of the division of adult palliative care at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women's Hospital, and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical ... Berger said. “I would normalize the content by including it
November 2016

Cut costs without cutting corners to keep the office efficient

specific antigen (PSA) test follow-up takes three minutes, a visit about complicated incontinence takes 20 minutes, and a newly diagnosed cancer patient takes more than 30 minutes. ... Potential video topics for primary care physicians include cancer
February 2011

Overtreatment: when less is more in medicine

Already over the past year, cancer screening guidelines have been updated based on reviews of the latest medical evidence. ... Some medical experts have suggested that breast cancer screening with mammograms should be moved from age 40 to age 50 based on
February 2020

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