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Why screen for ovarian cancer?

Ask Daniel Merenstein, who was sued in such a scenario involving prostate cancer screening. ... Another approach is to discuss the pros and cons of ovarian cancer screening with patients.
February 2020

Ovarian cancer screening is still subpar

Ovarian cancer screening is still subpar. Cancer of the ovary is a particularly nasty disease. ... The dismal status of ovarian cancer screening was underscored a year ago when an NIH-sponsored study showed that over 70% of cancers detected by
February 2020

Colorectal screening methods debated

Imperiale said. “We're not just saying, ‘It's time for your colon cancer screening. ... Colonoscopy versus fecal immunochemical testing in colorectal-cancer screening. N Engl J Med.
June 2016

Changing patient behavior with two power words

The following table provides examples of the different ways that physicians in this study framed their recommendation to patients for colorectal cancer screening:. ... 2007;20:458–468. Guerra, C., et al. "Barriers of and Facilitators to Physician
February 2020

Changes coming for colon cancer screening

Potential paths to a higher-value colon cancer screening system include developing alternative screening technologies, refining risk assessment and surveillance, and lowering the cost of sedation. ... Similar results were found in the validation group.
July 2014


She was adherent to her medication regimen, kept appointments, and was up to date on all of her age-appropriate cancer screening. ... I mean, her screenings were all without evidence of cancer. Her blood work was pristine, too.
February 2020

QD: News Every Day--Actuaries find spiral CT screening among smokers is cost-effective

The authors estimated the average annual cost of lung cancer screening to be $247 per person screened. ... per member per month, with no cost sharing, less than breast, colorectal, or cervical cancer screening.
February 2020

NEJM review on breast cancer screening gets to the nitty-gritty of false positives

NEJM review on breast cancer screening gets to the nitty-gritty of false positives. ... For those over 70, there are little data to support breast cancer screening.
February 2020

Lung cancer screening guideline debated

Profit-seekers jumped on lung cancer screening before any guidelines recommended it, Dr. ... All of the experts would like to see additional evidence about the effects of lung cancer screening.
March 2014

Ovarian cancer screening has no value

Ovarian cancer screening has no value. If you want to create an outcry of indignation, just inform people that certain screening tests are of no value and do not increase time ... Of course we want a safe, effective screening test that can detect
February 2020

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