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Accutane users win huge verdict against Roche. Who's the winner?

My professional reading habits have evolved over my career. I am more interested in reading about medical ethics, health care policy and the art of medicine than in studying hard science ... Patients need to know the material risks of a medicine or
January 2020

Outrageous fortune and the probability of prevention

Some practitioners subordinate evidence to personal belief or preference, just as some subordinate the human art of medicine to unduly rigid interpretations of science applied to the uncertainties of clinical care. ... Over the currents of modern
January 2020

How a quote from a famous Swedish diplomat is something for ambitious doctors to live by

But back to medicine. The job of a physician is ultimately one that is about everyday human contact. ... After so many years learning the fine art of medicine, doctors should always think twice about saying goodbye to clinical practice, not least because
January 2020

Medical schools respond to the opioid epidemic

At Tufts University School of Medicine, third-year students now spend a day interviewing standardized patients who exhibit chronic pain and risk factors for prescription drug misuse, first-years are studying ... Pain should be treated as a disease and an
January 2017

Health care IT: Have we now reached a critical mass?

They take way too much time to use and suck the joy out of medicine. ... If a doctor is spending most of their day on data entry and click box tasks on a computer, it's a travesty to the art of medicine and what it
January 2020

What I do every day to get away from my computer screen

I've received a lot of supportive correspondence regarding my views on how electronic medical records have adversely affected the frontlines of medicine. ... I simply refuse to let healthcare information technology turn the noble art of medicine and
January 2020

At the end, a focus on values, purpose, attention, truth

Those are the favorable end points that we have agreed upon within the culture of medicine. ... As physicians, we have experience both with the power of the art of medicine and with the power of the science of medicine.
April 2019

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