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IDSA issues new clinical practice guideline for outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy

The new guideline updates 2004 recommendations from the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) with evidence from recent research, particularly on the safety of outpatient parenteral therapy.
20 Nov 2018

Meta-analysis compares treatments for stroke prevention in afib

Risk for stroke or systemic embolism was lower with apixaban (5 mg twice daily), dabigatran (150 mg twice daily), edoxaban (60 mg twice daily), and rivaroxaban (20 mg twice daily) than warfarin, a study found.
5 Dec 2017

MKSAP Quiz: Multiple segmental pulmonary emboli

A 65-year-old man is diagnosed with multiple segmental pulmonary emboli in the right lung. He has no other medical problems, and he takes no medications. He is alert and engaged in shared decision making. After a physical exam and discussion with the patient, what is the appropriate treatment recommendation?
31 May 2022

To test or not to test for inherited thrombophilias

First consider whether a deep venous thrombosis was provoked or unprovoked, as well as at the type of provoking factors.
1 Jun 2019

Target preop visits for efficiency, best outcomes

Internists can guide preoperative anticoagulation, ensure that patients are in optimal condition for procedures, and##mdash;perhaps most importantly##mdash;judiciously choose which tests to perform and which ones aren't needed.
1 Sep 2014

Trial of apixaban with single and combination antiplatelet therapy in ACS stopped early due to observed increase in major bleeding events

Full-dose anticoagulation, in combination with antiplatelet therapy of any kind in patients with acute coronary syndrome, results in substantial bleeding without any clear additional benefit and should only be considered when required for another condition.
11 Aug 2015

Vitamin K antagonist use associated with higher risk of thrombosis than bleeding in patients ages 80 and older

Compared with patients ages 70 to 79 years, those ages 80 to 89 years had a similar risk of bleeding, whereas patients ages 90 years or older had a mildly increased risk of bleeding, the study found. Patients in their 80s and 90s had a markedly higher risk of thrombosis than did patients in their 70s.
12 Jul 2016

Osteoarthritis can ease with easy changes

An optimal regimen starting with nonpharmacologic measures can help patients achieve notable relief.
1 May 2021

Off-label dosing of non-vitamin K anticoagulants associated with worse outcomes

Overdosing with non-vitamin K anticoagulants was associated with increased all-cause mortality compared with recommended doses, while underdosing was associated with increased risk of cardiovascular hospitalization.
20 Dec 2016

Wrestling with wearables that screen for afib

Experts remain uncertain how to judge wearables and smartphone apps' cost-effectiveness, data quality, and clinical implications among pre-symptomatic patients diagnosed with atrial fibrillation.
1 Feb 2020

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