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A Hippocratic Oath for the holidays

In those days the oral anticoagulant Coumadin was in wide use for conditions we now treat with injected Heparain, and it required daily monitoring of blood clotting, so there were many
October 2020

QD: News Every Day--Ankle-brachial index may augment CHA2DS2-VASc scores

This may have important therapeutic implications if the new score could be tested prospectively, as a higher number of [nonvalvular afib] patients would be potentially candidates for an anticoagulant treatment by
October 2020

QD: News Every Day--Brand-name drug requests lead to less compliance, more costs

7), thyroid medications (OR 16.5), estrogens (OR 3.6), anticonvulsants (OR 4.8), anticoagulants (OR 4.5), and analgesics (OR 4.5) (all P<.001).
October 2020

Multistate B. cepacia outbreak linked to foam cleanser

related factors (e.g., serious comorbidities, intolerance to required anticoagulation or antiplatelet therapy).
July 2018

Managing pain in primary care: moving beyond the rock and the hard place

Similar to an anticoagulation clinic (for the management of patients on warfarin) the pain clinic would take over pain management, including the prescribing of medications, and provide a systematic approach, allowing
October 2020

Five things to help good doctors stay good as they grow older

I asked my age-matched colleague the other day: "Do you think we'll know when it happens to us?" He responded: "I know. I worry about that, ...
October 2020

Can someone tell me why I should care about EINSTEIN-PE?

EINSTEIN-PE was published in the April 5 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine , the place to find cutting edge, non-inferiority, o...
October 2020

Hospital first in nation to offer DVT prophylaxis to doctors

The newer oral anticoagulants will ultimately be the most convenient and cost-effective tool.
October 2020

What do 400,000 deaths from medical errors look like from the inside of a hospital?

The blood clot in the leg because of failure to order prophylactic heparin that leads to full anticoagulation that leads to gastrointestinal bleeding which leads to intensive care unit stay which
October 2020

Five herbal remedies backed by some evidence

Additionally, horse chestnut is unsafe for children (who, admittedly, don't often suffer from varicose veins) and pregnant women (who certainly do) as well as anyone taking anticoagulants/antiplatelets, anti-diabetes
October 2020

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