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Fecal transplant pills, other innovations in C. difficile treatment

Gerding said. Fidaxomicin seems to be the most effective currently available antibiotic, he noted. ... Gerding said. C. difficile experts are also experimenting with how best to use the antibiotics they have, whether to taper them off, end with pulses of
November 2014

C. difficile difficult for outpatient physicians and patients, too

Antibiotic-associated diarrhea occurs while patients are taking antibiotics. “If [the diarrhea] has its onset or clearly worsens after the person stops taking antibiotics, that's a sign it could be ... difficile after visiting their outpatient
October 2013

Learning to parry patient requests

Drs. Levy and Tulsky talked about a common scenario, in which a patient advocates for a particular antibiotic. ... Tulsky agreed with the antibiotic interchange, saying “although one antibiotic may be preferred, an alternative is pretty reasonable.”
March 2011

Diabetic foot care begins with bare feet

Medical options range from no use of antibiotics for clinically uninfected wounds to antibiotic therapy for all infected wounds, along with debridement and/or wound care. ... As inpatients, they may receive intravenous antibiotics, surgical treatment, or
October 2013

Research challenges diverticulitis dogma

Historically, treatment for diverticulitis has consisted of a clear liquid diet and a course of antibiotics, Dr. ... Peery told her audience. “You do not want to recommend probiotics, cyclic antibiotics,” she said.
July 2018

New info on common outpatient infections

There's obvious concern about antibiotic resistance being a reason to limit antibiotics to people who really need it,” said Dr. ... The key was that all patients received surgical drainage of their abscesses before receiving antibiotics.
July 2008

Probiotics have potential, though definitive evidence is lacking

on. The strongest evidence for probiotics is in patients taking antibiotics. In the past year, two large meta-analyses have found evidence that probiotics help prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhea and Clostridium ... Probiotics reduced the risk of C.
April 2013

Antimicrobial stewardship in the clinic

Baker said. “So we all need to get on board with antibiotic stewardship.”. ... The future of antibiotic stewardship is unclear, but experts said they are hopeful.
January 2020

Experts discuss crisis of antimicrobial resistance

The limited funding for antibiotics is apparent in the labs, according to Mr. ... To provide greater promise of profit from antibiotic development, Mr. O’Neill proposed a system of lump-sum payment to manufacturers successfully developing antibiotics
September 2015

Rethinking SIBO in the microbiome era

After addressing risk factors, internists may consider antibiotic therapy. “If I had to give one message to general internists, it's to think about using nonabsorbable antibiotics … early in the course,” ... Other antibiotics used for SIBO include
May 2019

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