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QD: News Every Day--Antimicrobial stewardship having some impact at hospitals

Susceptibility to antibiotics improved substantially under the antimicrobial stewardship program established in 1993 at Wesley Medical Center, Wichita, Kan., suggesting the program has helped in combating antibiotic resistance. ... Antibiotic doses per
July 2020

My descent into guideline fatigue syndrome

practice. Also a transparent and standardized guideline development method is lacking. These findings are important in the context of appropriate antibiotic use, the problem of growing antimicrobial resistance, and costs for ... The IDSA worries
July 2020

QD: News Every Day--Berwick speaks, seeks to lower costs and improve care

Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Fiscal Times). Antibiotic resistance. ... U.S. infectious disease experts want doctors to be on the lookout for antibiotic-resistant superbugs, following reports of British patients infected after returning
July 2020

Should surgeons be allowed to prescribe antibiotics without assistance?

fellow or the attending to make the antibiotic change since the whole team is scrubbed in the OR. ... This is of critical importance considering the rising challenge of antibiotic resistance in postoperative patients.”. .
July 2020

Managing superbugs in your community

Internists are poised to assume a key role in tackling the increasingly formidable threat of antibiotic resistance. ... I think our focus on the antibiotic resistance, certainly in the U.S.
May 2017

Overuse from flu to you

Overuse from flu to you. Antibiotic overuse is a big problem: it contributes to antibiotic resistance, changes the distribution of beneficial bacteria within our bodies, and, more generally, is an example ... what the true diagnosis is, and prescribes
July 2020

Sepsis bundles and why sensitivity and specificity matter

Broad spectrum antibiotics increase the emergence of antibiotic resistance. The problem that Dr. ... And then we will wonder about overuse of antibiotics and emerging antibiotic resistance.
July 2020

Look that free drug in the mouth

and antibiotic resistance.
July 2020

Killing antimicrobial stewardship (part 2)

that stewardship not development of new drugs is the ultimate solution to the antibiotic resistance crisis.
July 2020

Guidelines should rarely become rules

Now imagine you are an infectious disease expert. You rarely see pharyngitis patients, but you are worried constantly about antibiotic resistance.
July 2020

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