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Current Issue | January 2020 Drug Safety Recalls, research for generic ...

QD: News Every Day--Politics, policy and health in flux

Politico, New England Journal of Medicine). Spurred by antibiotic resistance seen in almost every drug class, FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, FACP, is turning the agency's attention toward animal feed.
January 2020

$1.2 billion requested for antibiotic resistance!

$1.2 billion requested for antibiotic resistance! “You don't tug on superman's cape. ... very little control over whether patients are colonized or infected with antibiotic resistant bacteria on admission.
January 2020

CDC sounds the alarm about antibiotic resistance

CDC sounds the alarm about antibiotic resistance. A recurrent theme of my posts is the increasing danger of antibiotic-resistant germs and the harmful consequences of antibiotic overuse. ... The report also has a diagram explaining the development and
January 2020

Dead people don't get bronchitis, or antibiotic resistance

Dead people don't get bronchitis, or antibiotic resistance. It was during my residency that the first indication of heart toxicity of antibiotics affected me personally. ... Six little pills we'll rue your existence. If Six little pills are paths to
January 2020

New strategies required to battle antibiotic overuse

First among those consequences is the growth of antibiotic resistance. According to the CDC, at least two million people each year in the United States are infected with bacteria that are ... Spellberg said. "Every physician you talk to will know that we
April 2017

Our slow motion pandemic

The CDC released its latest edition of Vital Signs, which is dedicated to the problem of antibiotic resistance (AR) among health care-acquired infection (HAI). ... Ironically, an unhealthy focus on CAUTI can drive testing and treatment practices that can
January 2020

Let them eat drugs: An update

antibiotic resistance.
January 2020

Bacteriophages and the spread of antimicrobial resistance

A recent Nature paper demonstrated that antibiotic treatment of mice resulted in an expansion of phages bearing antibiotic resistance genes that could then spread back to wild-type bacteria and confer ... They almost certainly play a key role in the
January 2020

QD: News Every Day--Antimicrobial stewardship having some impact at hospitals

Susceptibility to antibiotics improved substantially under the antimicrobial stewardship program established in 1993 at Wesley Medical Center, Wichita, Kan., suggesting the program has helped in combating antibiotic resistance. ... Antibiotic doses per
January 2020

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