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Helping patients handle information overload

confused. Take, for example, recent reports that offer up new views on the health impact of alcohol and coffee consumption. ... For a patient with a history of alcohol use disorder or who has been involved in drunk driving episodes or who has significant
January 2018

A neighborhood approach to better health

Are patients struggling to keep the electricity or water on? How much alcohol do they consume each day? ... Normalize the conversation, making it clear that such questions about food, alcohol use, and personal safety are asked of all patients, Dr.
January 2016

In-office research can trip up even the most ethical doctors

Current ACPNet projects include diabetes, alcohol use disorder and geriatric conditions such as falls, urinary incontinence. ... Because the physician typically chooses what pacemaker, catheter or defibrillator the patient will use, it's particularly
January 2008

MKSAP Quiz: Evaluation for increasing fatigue

He does not drink alcohol or smoke. Medications are metformin and lisinopril. ... deficiency, alcohol use, and medications such as sulfamethoxazole, must be ruled out.
September 2019

Wrestling with wearables that screen for afib

The wearables use the fact that blood is red and therefore reflects red light and absorbs green light, he explained. ... McManus said. Such strategies could include reductions in alcohol use, weight loss, or hypertension control, as well as
February 2020

A shifting focus on the role of patients' nonmedical needs

We need a team-based approach in all of primary care.”. For example, she suggested practices create or use an existing screening tool to query patients about issues such as food ... Bornstein said. “You have to gain your patients' trust before you
April 2019


fail-ure, liver failure, or heavy alcohol use). ... De gemaakte PDF-documenten kunnen worden geopend met Acrobat en Adobe Reader 5.0 en hoger.) /NOR
February 2008

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