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Together internal medicine and the subspecialties are stronger

policy efforts and effective advocacy.”. ... After lunch, we broke into five small groups, each with a different assignment: medical education reform, clinical practice and high-value care, advocacy, workforce issues, and the development of a plan
January 2013

Cholesterol management becomes more complicated

Read about ACP's 10th decade, featuring health care reform and other advocacy efforts, as well as new products and services.
November 2015

Making nice

After learning that they had been snookered by the slanted portrayal of Sherrod, federal officials backtracked from their criticism and offered her a promotion, handling outreach and advocacy and addressing issues
September 2019

Letters to the Editor

However, such actions harm our patients; alienate seniors, whose clout as an advocacy group is considerable; and break the societal contract that has given physicians their prestigious position in and trust ... Ethics and Professionalism recently
March 2011

Hopes and fears abound at National Bundled Payment Summit

Hospitals report record profits thanks to accountable care organizations and bundled payments,’” said Harold Miller, executive director of the Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform, a Pittsburgh-based advocacy organization.
January 2012

Claims coding edits target improper payments, errors

Q: Does ACP intervene in any of the proposed edits? A: Yes, ACP advocacy functions routinely include reviews of the proposals relevant to internal medicine.
September 2010

Chapter awardees announced

C. Calvert Dodson, III, MD, FACP, Chapter Advocacy Award. William J.
July 2012

College continues to evolve to meet its members' needs

As the practice of medicine and the practice environment have evolved dramatically, the College is also changing to help our members and provide effective advocacy and leadership. ... The results thus far are excellent, with improved fiscal health,
February 2013

Membership in ACP is now more important than ever

journal in internal medicine, coverage through medical liability and personal insurance, and effective advocacy programs. ... advocacy organization in American medicine.
May 2012

Filling in the GAPPs will strengthen evidence-based medicine

Groups represented at the meeting included a wide spectrum of perspectives from health care, including clinicians, insurers, industry, disease advocacy groups, academicians, and government groups from across the U.S.
February 2010

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